Rainy day and a/c

Today is a single of those rainy Fridays where you’re stuck inside plus start to get new home fever. The men plus I did all kinds of inside things. All of us played board games, drew pictures, made puzzles, built with building blocks, made chocolate chip cookies, plus so on, eventually the two of us ran out of things to do, plus it was only a single o’clock in the day. I asked if anyone wanted to go outside plus walk in the rain with umbrellas. “Yes!” everyone yelled at once. So out the two of us went, got thoroughly soaked (I knew they wouldn’t stay under the umbrellas), plus finally came back inside. Of course the two of us needed to put on dry clothes, however it sure was nice to be able to hang the wet clothes on study room chairs draped over the registers for the forced air oil furnace heat to dry them. Next I turned up the control unit a few degrees for extra warmth so that the two of us could cuddle over the residing room air register. It was just Last year that the two of us had the oil furnace inspected by our Heating plus A/C corporation, who also cleaned the air ducts. With a wipe bill of health, I was really blissful to have such a great oil furnace blowing heated air on us. It wasn’t quite a cozy as the cast iron radiators that I sat on as a kid in our old farmhouse. All of us had a big boiler in the basement, plus I can still hear the gurgling tepid water flowing through the coils of the radiators. But I do care about our gas powered oil furnace in our newer home, plus it has great response to any adjustment that I ever make on our control unit. Today was such a great afternoon to have the assurance of a cozy home with warm blowing air after getting cold plus wet outside.

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