Summer cooling

Recently, every one of us spent a week in a southern climate to get away from the snow & chilly up north. Both of us chose a week that wasn’t a tied up holiday week, since every one of us are empty-nesters. Both of us desperately needed sun & warmth, knowing that we’d be refreshed upon our return. Both of us booked a stay at a well-known hotel, realizing that a six-day stay would need to be comfortable & hassle-free to prefer ourselves. Once every one of us checked into our hotel room, every one of us were pleased with the accommodations. And doesn’t everyone throw themselves on a hotel bed once they first arrive from the flight & the car rental fiasco? I’m regularly the one that checks out the a/c in these situations, so I was glad to see that it was quite state-of-the-art. We’ve definitely experienced less than ideal air conditioners in previous hotel stays, so it’s regularly a relief to think that you’ll be comfortable in regards to temperature of the room. The website information for the hotel indicated that they had upgraded to a current heating, ventilation & a/c, chosen for guest comfort & reliability. Today’s social media allows shoppers to rate & comment on room temperature & air quality. If they don’t meet their expectations, it can wreak havoc on the hotel’s future business. Although we’ve experienced a variety of HVAC units in previous hotel stays, this unique  hotel had the traditional packaged terminal air conditioner, a type of self-contained heating & cooling system. The newer HVAC offer maximum guest comfort, then quite honestly, knowing that our room had a current air conditioner set our mind at ease from the get-go, giving me a sense that every one of us were going to have a great getaway.

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