Rainy day and a/c

Today is a single of those rainy Fridays where you’re stuck inside plus start to get new home fever. The men plus I did all kinds of inside things. All of us played board games, drew pictures, made puzzles, built with building blocks, made chocolate chip cookies, plus so on, eventually the two of us ran out of things to do, plus it was only a single o’clock in the day. I asked if anyone wanted to go outside plus walk in the rain with umbrellas. “Yes!” everyone yelled at once. So out the two of us went, got thoroughly soaked (I knew they wouldn’t stay under the umbrellas), plus finally came back inside. Of course the two of us needed to put on dry clothes, however it sure was nice to be able to hang the wet clothes on study room chairs draped over the registers for the forced air oil furnace heat to dry them. Next I turned up the control unit a few degrees for extra warmth so that the two of us could cuddle over the residing room air register. It was just Last year that the two of us had the oil furnace inspected by our Heating plus A/C corporation, who also cleaned the air ducts. With a wipe bill of health, I was really blissful to have such a great oil furnace blowing heated air on us. It wasn’t quite a cozy as the cast iron radiators that I sat on as a kid in our old farmhouse. All of us had a big boiler in the basement, plus I can still hear the gurgling tepid water flowing through the coils of the radiators. But I do care about our gas powered oil furnace in our newer home, plus it has great response to any adjustment that I ever make on our control unit. Today was such a great afternoon to have the assurance of a cozy home with warm blowing air after getting cold plus wet outside.

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Heating and air-hotel staff

Recently, the two of us spent a week in a southern temperature to get away from the snow plus cold up north. All of us chose a week that wasn’t a busy holiday week, since the two of us are empty-nesters. All of us desperately needed sun plus warmth, knowing that we’d be refreshed upon our return. All of us booked a stay at a well-known hotel, realizing that a six-day stay would need to be comfortable plus hassle-free to prefer ourselves. Once the two of us checked into our hotel room, the two of us were satisfied with the accommodations. And doesn’t everyone throw themselves on a hotel bed once they first arrive from the flight plus the car rental fiasco? I’m always the a single that checks out the undefined plan in these situations, so I was blissful to see that it was quite state-of-the-art. We’ve really experienced less than ideal air conditioners in previous hotel stays, so it’s always a relief to feel that you’ll be comfortable in regards to temperature of the room. The website information for the hotel indicated that they had updated to a new heating, ventilation plus cooling system, chosen for guest comfort plus reliability. Today’s social media allows buyers to rate plus comment on room temperature plus air quality. If they don’t meet their expectations, it can wreak havoc on the hotel’s future business. Although we’ve experienced a variety of Heating plus A/C units in previous hotel stays, this particular  hotel had the traditional packaged terminal air conditioner, a type of self-contained heating plus cooling system. The newer Heating plus A/C offer maximum guest comfort, however quite honestly, knowing that our room had a up-to-date air conditioner set our mind at ease from the get-go, giving myself and others a sense that the two of us were going to have a great trip.

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Living the good life

How do you know when you have reached a point in your life where you can sit back and just enjoy it? It seems that these days there are more and more people working well into their seventies just make it by. They are doing more and living longer, however, if you still need to work to pay the bills then you have to ask if it is all worth it sometimes.  People in previous generations worked for more than 20 years at the same job but then were able to retire and enjoy the rest of their lives. I was one of those people. I now have the enjoyment of relaxing and doing what I please with my time and money. One of the things that I decided long ago was that I wanted to have my own style of furniture and decorate my house different from everyone else. I’m not sure why this was important but I was able to have many of the features of my home custom built so that it didn’t look like everyone else’s. When it came to my dining room said I wanted a very specific style and color to the wood so I contacted a local manufacturer and gave them the specifications.  They were very accommodating and follow through on my every request and over the years I have gotten many compliments on the beautiful piece of furniture that I have in my home. If you are ever fortunate enough to be in position to afford custom built items for your home I highly recommended it. These simple features will set you a home apart from everyone else’s where everything looks the same.

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The climate control does not work well

There’s nothing worse than vandals when you’re a small shop owner. I remember this nasty young teenage boy that was my problem for a year, then any time this child came to my store, I knew I was going to find something broken, torn apart or otherwise rendered unusable all the way. What truly got me angry at this child was when he came into the store and tore the fancy smart control thermostat device I’d just installed the previous week! This control device thermostat could do anything – I could adjust the heat or A/C on the fly using an app on my PC, or by seriously making adjustments using the control device thermostat itself… Plus, it would create it’s own run schedules based on my use of the heating and A/C, so I wouldn’t even have to program the control device thermostat to run good while I was in store hours – it knew to do it on its own! All of these reasons and more are why I was so pissed with this little punk when I found the control device thermostat in pieces on the ground… However, what this child didn’t realize was that I not only caught him chopping it on camera, however he broke a honestly fancy pricey piece of equipment. The product value alone was enough to ensure this child would get into severe trouble with the law if he was ever caught! I never saw that child again after I sent the report to the police, and I’d like to figure out if and when that little jerk was put in jail for his behavior!

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Getting the a/c working well

There is nothing more useful in today’s world than the current heating plus cooling system… Seriously, know about it! We have cars that run on gas and electricity, plus fully electric cars that have no carbon emissions! Though these are incredible things of our time, we really should love the heating, ventilation and cooling systems of 2018, then my apartment currently has the most cutting-edge Heating, Ventilation and A/C technology on the market! My heating plan system is comprised of a boiler, which provides the sizzling warm water necessary to power the radiant floor furnace, then the radiant heated floors are a heat source that is silent, plus they effectively heats the entire lake house at once without leaving cold spots, as the heat rises from the ground up! Meanwhile, my nice old cooling plan is a combination of an evaporative cooling unit, plus high-velocity ductwork. The evaporative cooling plan goes and pulls outside air through cool, moist pads, plus circulates the cooled air indoors; Normally this would always come through the big old house at a slow, gradual rate, but the high-velocity ducts in there cause the cooled air to be pressured into entering the big old house at a much faster speed! The best part about these heating plus cooling systems is that they are incredibly energy-efficient, they also as well allow me to have the same comfort provided by a conventional central heating as well as cooling system, but without the incredible energy usage… I care about and really dig my home’s futuristic Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system! It is the best thing since sliced bread!

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Don’t let the HVAC overheat

The absolute worst thing to ever happen to me was when I was evicted from my apartment in school, however that was rough, but when I eventually found a place, however it was easily not as nice as our first apartment, now, the real absolute worst thing to happen to me was when I had to deal with my house catching fire, & that led me to have to stay in a hotel for over a month while the repairs were handled. That resulted from our home’s heating & air conditioner system having a severe breakdown, which caused the outdoor condenser component to catch a major fire. The worst thing about this ordeal was that it happened in the wee hours of the night! If it weren’t for the brand new and up to date smoke detector, there’s no telling how badly this fire issue could’ve ended for me. The disfigure caused by the air conditioning component fire was expansive, & much of the electrical wiring from the outdoor air conditioner to the indoor air handler was compromised. I had insurance that helped with the cost of repairs, however I still went and paid thousands of dollars to have the entire heating & air conditioner updated! Like I said, it was an expansive and pricey ordeal, & it was frustrating to believe and know for sure that the fire originated from the condenser component being suffocated and blocked. I’d let the foliage & grass grow way too much around the condenser unit, so it wasn’t able to pull outside air into the system & cool down the thing efficiently; Lesson l received: Don’t let your grass & garden overwhelm your air conditioning unit, or extreme consequences will come to pass at you always!

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Office cooling system

I hate going to the dentist! I have a better reason than most for not liking my trips to the dentist at all. It has nothing to do with them going and poking and prodding at my gums and teeth, nor does it have to do with waiting endlessly to be seen for more than nine hours sometimes, then my reason for hating the dentist visits is because of how horrendously cold and freezing it is in the office! It’s as if the dentist asked a local heating, ventilation and air conditioning dealer if they could recreate Antarctica’s climate within his entire office. I’m not joking! It’s so cold freezing in that office, I can usually see my breath as I wait in the patient chair. One afternoon, when the doctor had finished drilling away at one of my messed up molars, I asked him why he keeps the offices and patient rooms so freezing cold, but he said that it’s for a variety of reasons, however the most important reason is that it helps to maintain a fresh clean environment. “Mold grows in moderate warm locations, especially when bacteria will be abundant in the area – that’s why every one of us in the business keeps our office as cold as possible!” Well, that made a lot of sense, and I thought that was pretty clever to use the A/C system to keep the location sterile. He also explained that the office uses an air cleaner as an extra safeguard, as that helps to remove airborne pollutants and germs from the office itself in every which way! I think it’s not so bad to freeze my butt over every time I go to the doctor or dentist, if I think it means I won’t catch something while I’m there, but sadly, it’s still cold enough to make me imagine and feel as if I’m catching a cold!

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Ductless power in the basement

We’ve all got one of those pals who thinks they are better than everyone else. And as annoying as this kind of person can be, I enjoy the pal in our circle who acts the most like this, and his name is Ted, and his constant desire to be better than the rest of us often ends in humiliation, both hilarious and sad, and see, Ted recently invested in a ductless mini-split system for his garage, as he’s using that section as a recreational room. He already had a pool table, dart boards, tons of board games and a tiny bar setup, but he was still missing the excellent air quality he needed to convince us all to come over to his site, let’s be honest – you could have the coolest rec room in your basement, but I’m not going in there if there’s no relaxing or quality air conditioning! Anyway, Ted made a wise option in using a ductless mini-split system to cool his garage down, the component is perfect for cooling large, singular rooms, and can also supply heating functions too! Best of all, there’s no ductwork involved at all. Ted simply needed to install the outside compressor and air condenser unit, run the cables and piping through a hole in the wall, and connect it all to the air handler on the inside of his garage, when we all agreed to come over, Ted bragged a lot about how he installed it all by himself, and i would be impressed, but he bragged enough to make me say he was being excessive. I provide him credit though – even if the system is easy to install, big ups to him for having it installed all on his own!

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The digital HVAC device

Well, you can add me to the long list of people whose livelihood has been saved by a tiny digital instrument, No, I’m not referring to a taser in an instance of self-defense, or anything like that. What I’m referring to is our home’s Wi-Fi thermostat! I initially made the investment in a thermostat like this after our regular HVAC serviceman suggested  it to me. He swore by the one he has, and said that you never like being able to adjust your home’s indoor air temperature as much as you do once you can do it! A little confusing at first, I understood exactly what he meant once I “joined the team” by picking up a digital thermostat with Wi-Fi capabilities! A few days after I picked up the digital thermostat, I went out of town for a few days to attend a conference for work. While I was gone, I looked at the temperature in our house, and was surprised to see how cold it was only two days after I left! I knew we were anticipating a cold snap, however this was a cold cold snap! I quickly adjusted the temperature to have the oil furnace kick into action and raise the temperature in the house to a safer 55 degrees, compared to the cold temperature that was shown on the thermostat when I first looked at the app on my smartphone. I was thankful for thinking to check on that thermostat when I did. If the entire day had passed with cold temperatures present in our home, any number of tragedies could’ve happened! Not only would all of our plants inside have been killed by the chilling temperature setting, but the water pipes in our house could’ve burst and caused untold damage to the house! Like I said, I’m just thankful to have this unit – I might not still have a house with solid integrity if I didn’t!

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on the road-the ac

Have you ever rode on a tour bus for a singer or band? It’s a insane experience, that’s for sure! For a short time in my life, I worked with some well-known bands as a photographer; I was supposed to take casual, candid photos of the band members on the bus, before a show, and of course, photos of them performing in concert; Aside from the constant glitz and glamour you see surrounding bands on tour, there’s things that no amount of money or fame can prevent! I still remember this one time, when I was on the tour bus with this band that had come all the way down south for a rock festival. They were northern teenagers, so the heat of the South was practically unbearable for them. At one point, the bus started to get pretty warm indoors, and I noticed as I took photos that everyone in the band – and on the bus itself – were starting to look pretty greasy and hot. I thought someone must’ve fiddled with the A/C setting on the bus, so I checked the onboard thermostat. According to the thermostat it was only seventy-two degrees on the bus, but there was no way that’s true! Even as a southerner myself, I knew it was absolutely warmer than that! Half an hour later, we had to stop the bus at a rest stop and walk around in a little convenience store just to enjoy some A/C! We called a local service company that could work on the HVAC unit installed on a mobile RV or bus, and they showed up surprisingly fast! After the serviceman went on the bus, we waited patiently for him to return with good news. About half an hour later, he said he managed to get it now working by recharging the refrigerant for the A/C on our bus. We were elated! The band came out of the rest stop to meet the guy that saved the day for them, and had to pick the guy up from the floor. As it turns out, that repairman was a huge fan!

ac program