Get a heat pump south

I have experienced both the northern and southern climates. I have been through hot and muggy southern summers, and freezing cold northern winters. While I find the winters aggravating up north sometimes, nothing compares to the horrible southern summers. The south has these humid and tropical weather conditions that make the heat that much less bearable. It is so hard to enjoy a summer day outdoors. When it gets that hot, all I want to do is curl up inside with the air conditioner running on full blast. It stinks being trapped inside for days on end because of the heat, especially since I love going outside. The northern winters can be just as challenging sometimes. When it’s just a little chilly, a space heater will suit your needs just fine, but some days it just isn’t enough. A northern winter can have you trapped inside with the furnace blasting too. This is why, no matter what region you live in, HVAC maintenance is incredibly necessary. I couldn’t make it through a northern winter without a working furnace, and everyone needs AC to get through a southern summer. This is why I signed up for an HVAC maintenance plan. I get called annually by my HVAC company to be reminded to make HVAC service appointments. While being up north means days where going outside would mean suffering in the cold, there are more southern summer days where the AC is nothing short of a necessity.

geo heat pump

The cash savings with the HVAC

I know for a fact that I am just not a kid anymore by the way my priorities have completely changed. My top priority when I was younger was making sure I had fun. My only concern with money was that I would have more fun if I spent more of it. Looking back on my party years, I do have some regrets, especially with the investments I made in the past. That is how we live and learn though. We do things we shouldn’t, we learn from those mistakes, and then we become better people for it. I am now much better at saving my money. Saving is now much more important to me than spending, so I have begun paying close attention to how and where I spend my money. I noticed a big chunk of it was going toward my utility bills, so I looked into the matter further to see how I could save. My first step was buying a programmable thermostat. Now I don’t need to be home and watching the thermostat at all times to ensure optimal temperatures at all hours of the day and night. This has caused our utility bills to be much less every month. I also make sure that my HVAC equipment is running smoothly by servicing it regularly. I have signed up for an HVAC servicing plan. This means that I get a phone call from my HVAC company every year to schedule my regular maintenance appointments. Twice a year, an HVAC technician comes to my home to service my HVAC equipment. I also make sure my air filters are regularly changed. Too much debris or buildup in an air filter can cause the HVAC equipment to act up or not run properly. I am saving so much that I know I have learned my lesson from when I was younger.

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Friend upset I got heated floors

My friend Tara is always trying to 1 up me, and anything that I get, she has to buy plus get it better.  And so when I purchased a condo in an up and coming neighborhood, she purchased a larger house on the adjacent street. When I got a newer SUV, she bought the same kind, only two years more current. But this time I 1 upped her, albeit unintentionally, and Tara is now mad at me. She recently purchased an updated heating and cooling system for her home. She got rid of her old HVAC system plus replaced it with ductless heating. Tara told me how efficient the ductless mini split is. She mentioned that the air quality is cleaner, the bills are lower plus she has way less maintenance involved with heating service! I did not replace our heating system to one up her though. I listened to what she was saying plus agreed with her. I hated our old gas furnace system. I hated how dirty, busted up, plus completely inefficient it was. Instead of updating it with ductless heating, I went with radiant floors. The reason is that our Heating and A/C contractor suggested the idea to me. They said I still get all the benefits. I don’t have dirty air quality. I will have energy efficiency. I also will see a decrease in our bills since this thermostat will be set lower. But, the added bonus is that radiant floors are undoubtedly a superior heating system solution for my condo than a ductless mini split. There are no uneven temperatures with the heated flooring. There is even less heating repair since they are tucked safely under the floors. Also, the radiant heating system warms all furniture that touches it. Tara is so jealous because of how superb our radiant floor heating system is.

hydronic heating

need our pool hooked to a boiler

I recently got a pool installed in my backyard. Being that I live in the south, heating for the pool is not too necessary where all Summer long a cold pool feels great! There are only just a few months in the year that might be too cold to go for a swim. However I would still really want to swim while I was in those weeks. I could get a solar panels to give the necessary heating, though I really don’t want to spend money on the equipment. Pool furnaces are also quite expensive as well. I would also have to go through my horrible pool supplier again, and I really don’t want to do this. I did find a cheat system online however. I currently own a boiler system. The boiler is my beach house oil furnace. It heats the house through piping extending to air ducts upstairs. The boiler is a important, however totally good oil furnace. Apparently, the boiler can be used to heat a pool too. I just need to connect piping to the boiler from the pool. The boiler can also heat up the pool for hardly any extra cost. It also takes it hardly any time as well. The issue is that the pipes will always hang out above ground… Not only would this look horrible, I am also thinking I might run over the pipes with the mower. So now I am looking into having the piping buried. This adds on another big expense. At this point, buying a correct pool heating system would seem to be the same cost. Is it worth not going through the pool supplier, or would I be worse off taking the many steps on a heating upgrade doing it differently? I suppose I would better off avoiding the pool company.

propane boiler

The cracks in my ductwork

It cannot be said enough just how incredibly important it is to make sure your HVAC duct is well sealed.  I was struggling a few years back after various unexpected medical injuries, so I had to live in a broken down home in a rundown town to save on rent.  I moved in at the onset of Winter and there were section heating systems installed in place of a central furnace. Between that plus the freezing weather, I didn’t get a opportunity to use the central air conditioner or the HVAC duct until late Springtime more than three weeks later.  When I first turned it on, it seemed to run longer than the one in our broken down house. At first I was upset although I decided to forget about it plus go on with our life. Upon receiving our first electric bill after using the AC for the first time, I was pretty shocked at how high it surged from the month before.  I had downsized when I moved plus somehow our electric bill was higher than I had ever seen in my long life. I was upset plus not sure what to do, so I called a certified Heating plus Air Conditioning repair company to consult with over the troubles regarding our air conditioner. When their tech arrived later that day, he began by running a load of tests and various diagnostics on the Heating plus Air Conditioning system, determining the pressure studying, the freon level, and various other indicators for unit system performance.  After he determined that our air handler plus condenser were running properly with no breakage, he decided to take a look in the attic at the HVAC duct. To our surprise, the HVAC duct was full of tiny leaks at nearly every joint plus seal. I couldn’t suppose the degree of energy loss our system was having on a yearly basis. Thankfully, AC repair is covered in our lease, so the same company had their HVAC duct installation crew out a few days later at our landlord’s cost.

duct cleaning

Mildew in the a/c

I began to have considerable breathing complications last week.  I am of nice health for the most section and don’t correctly deal with seasonal allergies.  But, all of sudden, it feels as if I have a weight bearing down on my lower body making it harder for myself and others to catch our breath.  I went to the store to try all sorts of condo remedies from making my own bath bombs to diffusing essential oils to burning incense, but nothing seemed to work no matter what I used.  I remembered that it had been a significant amount of time since I last had our heating in addition to cooling unit worked on, so I decided to call a local Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C repair supplier to drive here and make sure everything was normal in our system.  Once the worker arrived, I let him into our garage and then followed him to my air handler. He took off the face plate in addition to pointed his flashlight into the evaporator coils. To our surprise, there was splotches of mold all over the coils from top to bottom. The worker made a strong vinegar solution and wasted no time getting to to work cleaning out my air handler to make sure all of the areas near the coils were cleaned in addition to get rid of all mold.  After he determined that everything else in the plan appeared to be normal, he sprayed a special antimicrobial solution made for Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C systems directly onto our coils to prevent any more mold growth. He showed myself and others how to open the faceplate myself to check the coils for contaminants in the future so I could find out for myself before calling over some person out to take a look. I was relieved when I turned our air conditioner back on in addition to felt the weight on our chest start to get better.  I guess now to regularly check our evaporator coils for grime or buildup.

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Mind our ductwork

The newest HVAC money making scheme seems to be ductwork cleaning.  All sorts of companies from many sectors of the industry are offering many different services in “cleaning” your ventilation unit in your living area. Although tons of experts agree that microbial growth in your air handler and coils is inevitable and necessary to clean all the time, the verdict is out as to whether or not there is considerable contaminants in a noaveragermal cabin ventilation system. If the process by which these companies attempt to clean your ductwork has any measurable outcome on your indoor air pollen levels. If you have pets that shed hair all over or live in an environment with a surplus of pollen and dust, there’s a possibility that a full plan clean, including your overall ductwork and air handler together, could improve your air quality very much.  If you have a reason to think that there could be a considerable build up of pet fur or dirt and mold, then your next step is to find a certified and reputable ductwork cleaning company. More often than not, an existing HVAC maintenance company will setup a side supplier for ductwork cleaning. This will usually involve special unit that will vacuum out contaminants from the ductwork separate from spreading them into your house. If it’s done the right way, it should involve many workers at a time and take no less than a full morning to complete. You’ll also need the rest of your plan cleaned from your air handler to your outdoor condenser unit. The most popular rule is that if one section of your plan is contaminated with something, then you can expect that contaminant at any space or section of the rest of the system.

air handler

Want the house heater fixed up

My parents have been living in the same house for the past 40 years almost.  Until last month, my father has been as healthy and strong as an ox and diagnosed that house in very solid shape from the day they first stepped in the front door in the late 1979s. My father had to switch out the central a/c at least four times in the years since, but he has been keeping the same old rusty boiler heating proposal since they moved in. Unfortunately, after a bad fall and a hip replacement surgery, my father has to stay off his feet and can’t get the house ready for the approaching winter.  Being as helpful as I try to be, I gave to stay with them for a month while my father healed a little from surgery and promised I would take care of all the problems from fixing the roof to taking the trash out every night. Dad said the roof was great but that he didn’t get a opportunity to check the boiler heating proposal before his past surgery. It was getting close to the end of October, so they had used the boiler a number of times already this year and realized it wasn’t finally working as efficiently as it used to.  Granted, they had only seen one full freeze at that point, but I realized what I dad meant when I walked in their door and noticed the air wasn’t as characteristically hot and toasty as it typically is when I visit this time of the month. I went downstairs to the basement and diagnosed their boiler system. I strolled through the aging repair manual for their boiler to check the system’s typical water pressure level with what I was seeing on the pressure relief valve and instantly saw a crazy discrepancy. The water pressure on the valve was much lower than it needed to be, which causes a lower water level inside the proposal with lower heating capabilities. I called their contracted HVAC repair supplier to take a look and their professional said that my parents really needed to replace the pressure relief valve.  I’m just relieved that I caught it before it got more chilly outdoors.

HVAC installation

Need a space heater now

As the first freezing front is hitting our town, so it’s almost time to roll out the section heaters, then my hubby as well as I took our time last night scrubbing off the devices, checking for rodents, and looking over the cords inch for inch. If either of us finds just one small break in a cord for on the units, that section oil furnace goes off to the dump, but we really don’t mess around with our portable furnace safety needs. My hubby as well as I both live in rural New England, where section oil furnace fires are all too normal as men and women get too terrible to be able to afford to run the central heating unit in their houses. My husband and I use our section oil oil furnaces to offset the use of our oil furnace, not update it. In an effort to save money as well as delay the oil fill-up for as long as every one of us possibly can, then this is why we picked a pair of section oil oil furnaces that are both sturdy as well as efficient. Every one of us opted for infrared electric heaters, which put out non-drying air. These units are cool to the touch, so you can occasion them up as well as transport them while I was in operation if need be. They are nearly impossible to knock over (our pesky cat has definitely tried) as well as the heating element is tucked well inside the oil furnace so it’s very hard for anyone to be scorched by it, however best of all, the section oil oil furnaces pull very little wattage, so every one of us hardly even notice a spike in the utility bill through using them, then with the section oil furnaces cleaned and cared for, we’re ready for whatever freezing weather comes to our town.

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Put in more heating equipment

Last week, my partner plus I have agreed to finally to add HVAC of some kind to our bonus room. This area was at one point a twenty year old porch, but it was partially renovated by the owners who were here before us.. They put in a real floor, took out the screening plus put in real windows, plus even extended the area. However, they had not put in the final sliding glass door, nor had they put in any kind of heating and cooling system. As a team we decided to ask our heating plus air conditioner repair guy about it, since he was already by the home to take a long scan at our oil gas furnace plus central a/c, however after looking over the small area and our air duct, he thought that it would be too much of a hassle to want to bother trying to extend the HVAC system to this area, especially since the walls and the insulation had only just been done. It was an unneeded expense from his perspective. Instead, he recommended that both of us opt for a form of ductless heating plus maybe try a portable a/c! Why both of us originally thought of doing a heat pump, in the end our fiance convinced me to go with radiant floors, however since I’m using the area as a yoga studio anyway, wouldn’t a heated floor make it a lot more comfortable for me to work in? The current floor is concrete, so both of us don’t even have to rip anything up, but simply install the electrical wiring for the heated floor, plus put in the current floor on top. I’m so thankful to finally have our bonus room finished before the coming winter.

ductless heating