Ensuring good air quality


 When it comes to the indoor air pollen levels of your home, I am sure that you would do everything possible to ensure your family breathes the best air possible.  There is a simple solution to have more fresh air plus improve your indoor air pollen levels. A media air cleaner will create a fresher indoor air pollen levels for you plus your family.  At the same time, the media air cleaner will reduce those nasty contaminants.

             Many homes fall short when it comes to indoor air pollen levels.  When we keep our homes all locked up with the windows closed plus the A/C on, we do not allow the fresh air inside.  Yet, research indicates that we all spend about 90 percent of our day, inside. So we must strive for higher indoor air pollen levels to make up for that closed-up home. For many people, the health risk may be greater due to exposure to indoor air pollution.  That is why I recommend the use of media air cleaners in the home. A media air cleaner will ensure cleaner plus higher indoor air pollen levels, by removing most of the contaminants that invade our breathing space.

              Perhaps you have pets plus your child seems to always have that runny nose.  I can say that you will benefit from a media air cleaner. Or maybe, you might be bothered about something as extreme as mold spores.  If that were true, than you would absolutely benefit from a media air cleaner. With the numerous varieties of media air cleaners available, shop the best way that you know how, whether by internet or not.  

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              Thanks to my HVAC unit, I survived another summer.  Without our air conditioner, I would have been uncomfortable, but I thank our a/c every Summer for sending that beautifully cold, conditioned air throughout our house, via the air conditioner vents.  I am sure that minus our fine-working air conditioner, I would have to spend Summer afternoons lying in a tub of ice.

              I grew up in the 1979’s, and I do not remember a time when I did not have a/c, so I guess I am spoiled. Another yearly practice that I adhere to at the beginning of fall, is to have the Heating, Ventilation & A/C provider perform an Heating, Ventilation & A/C tune-up on our heating system.  That same Heating, Ventilation & A/C contractor worked on our air conditioner before Summer as well as gave our whole heating & cooling device a giant thumbs up. However, I have been using that air conditioner like a crazy man, so it’s time for the fall weather Heating, Ventilation & A/C tune-up.  I do not want to overuse the oil furnace and cause our Heating, Ventilation, & A/C idea any working troubles. I want to be able to walk to the thermostat and adjust the temperature control whenever I want to.

              No, the heating would be missed terribly if it went out in a bitterly frigid afternoon.  So the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C contractor will be by next month to perform another Heating, Ventilation, & A/C tune-up so that our heat works perfectly when I need it to work.  I am sure our family likes that, but my wallet likes the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C preventive repair, as well. With the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C preventive repair performed on a regular basis, our beach condo heating as well as cooling device continues to function.

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High heating bills

In the Winter you have a lot of expenses. A great way to save a couple of bucks is to try to save energy. The home you live in is most likely not airtight, and most suppliers don’t respectfully insulate a home. This is terrible because the oil furnace can turn on and the heated air leaks out of the house. This causes high energy bills when it does not need to be, however places where the heating can leak out are the windows, door frames and the baseboards. Make sure all the windows are fit in the frames tightly… Caulk around the edges of the windows to not allow any sort of leakage. Additionally, if you are the person installing the window, make sure there is the right amount of insulation around the window. The doors are a little tricky; Not every door is tight to the door, sometimes they are a few inches short. Take towels or a rag to shove underneath the door. This seals in the heat and does not let the frigid cold air in, and with the baseboards, most likely the supplier did not have enough insulation for the job. So where the wood baseboards are there is no actual insulation. All the cold frigid air leaks in that way and that is why the floors feel so cold; Remove all of those baseboards to add insulation where you need it the most… You should then see a significant change to the heating bills around your house.

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Not using HVAC that much

Every Winter we go down south for a few weeks, and we all have 2 homes that we split our time in; The southern times are our best… My home there is way better! I took all our clothes down there as well as bought a ton of great workout equipment. I love that I can constantly workout in the south outside. In the Winter it is a bit cold, but doable. I barely use the heating unit in the home. I only turn the heating system slightly up after a workout. I do our tumbling, running all outside. Then, once I am done with all of that I go inside to stretch. The heating system works just wonderful for this. I am kinda covered in sweat from working out as well as combing the heating system makes me real slick. I am able to stretch a bit easier as well as be loose. After all this is done, I can truly turn the heating system off or leave it on super low. In the Springtime, that feels just like a northern Summer. It is pretty warm for me that I can swim in the pool and also go for long bike rides. I bet there are many southern people who use their heating systems at all for this season. What I do is simply turn if right off. I also don’t change over to the A/C when it gets real warm. I just tough it out. I think that if I can make it a few weeks, I will return to the north where it is much less humid. I can go a long time without having Heating plus A/C since I always move around so much.

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the smoke ruining our air quality

My roommate is a pipe guy, he likes to make pipes, talk about pipes and smoke them in the house, then the pipe habit is not a bad one, it is better than cigarettes, but the hobby does ruin our home’s air quality. When he makes pipes, he is sanding wood mainly. The debris not only gets all over the floor, but the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system sucks it up. I consistently feel when he had made pipes. The air filter in the HVAC is gross, the HVAC duct has a layer of dust around the outside and I can’t stop sneezing. The dust air quality is circulated around the home and every room in the house has a layer of grime. It is a toss up on what is worse though, making pipes is bad for the air quality, however smoking the pipes are bad too. The actual smell is quite pleasant, however it is tobacco still. I don’t want to be around smoke. He is such a nice dude that I don’t want to ban him from smoking and making pipes in the house though. I am hoping that if I get an whole-home air purifier everything will be better. The whole-home air purifier is meant to clean and purify air conditions. It can remove smells and stop dust from accumulating in the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C. I am hopeful I will never have to say anything to my roommate. I am hopeful the air purification system does the deed. I need the smell to be gone and the dust to no longer go in the air ducts or Heating, Ventilation, and A/C.

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They would not take the old boiler

My sister Kate & I had a rough time moving our boiler out of the house… The boiler system had worked for a good long time, and slowly over the years it did not work so well! It still provided heating, just not enough, Kate & I then bought an electric heating unit that pair well with the boiler. The boiler then died last year & we are finally getting around to it. The boiler is so old that the Heating & A/C corporation we use doesn’t want it. They said all the parts on the furnace are obsolete. The condition of the furnace equipment is not good either. Since it was in our basement for over 25 years, the outside of it is rusted & nasty. They can’t even reuse the metal on future Heating & A/C systems, and getting the boiler out of the basement, up the stairs, into my sister’s truck & to the trash was a whole project, and unhooking a heating system that has been connected since the old days was not simple. The writing was hand molded & burned together. The boiler was basically sealed to the floor. Also, the furnace was insanely heavy, and everyday we would transfer the boiler over another inch. The process of taking it up the stairs required a few other hands to help us out. Then, once we all finally got the boiler to the trash, our troubles were solved, then who ever heard of a Heating & A/C corporation that does not want your old broke Heating & A/C equipment? I thought they would have blissfully taken it.

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The house runs our furnace

When you work for a non-profit organization, you get swamped with unexpected requests from your bosses here and there, but for me, I was asked to attend a conference way up in the North at this cancer research center. So I eagerly went home to pack my bags to get ready to head to the airport the following day, but when I got to the airport, I was dressed for the northern weather, so I had a heavy coat, jeans and work boots on from when I used to work in distribution; As I entered the airport, I was greeted with an overwhelming level of humid heat that practically left me nauseated! It was as if the airport terminal was running the oil furnace in every single concourse, making the entire airport into a sizable sauna, but before I took care of my bags, I was already covered in sweat and had to take off my heavy coat and toss it over my shoulder, and also to make things more annoying, I was told that my flight was cancelled, and the next flight wasn’t for two hours! I had to put up with this miserably boiling hot airport for the entire morning. At this point, I was kicking myself for not packing any light clothes. Thankfully, I was able to find a small bar in the airport that had excellent a/c, as well as ceiling fans that were spinning overhead to keep the place cool. With nothing better to do, I sat at the bar, basking in the cool air from their air conditioning system unit as I sipped a mixed drink – all this, at 10:30 in the morning. Crazy!

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Layout of the cooling system

I recently made a big choice in our home’s heating and air conditioner system layout, and went with an evaporative cooling unit to keep our house cool and relaxed, then i say it’s a bold decision mostly because these units aren’t always the most suitable, and you have to think your weather conditions well to say whether it’s a solid choice! In our case, I knew it was going to pay off to have it done, as I live in the southwestern region of the USA. It’s almost consistently hot, with honestly little humidity in the place I live to provide any relief to my dry skin, but rather than using a conventional central air conditioning system to provide cool air, I felt the evaporative cooling unit would be more effective since it brings humidity and cool air! Think about during the winter, when you use a fireplace to provide extra warmth to your home. Sure, the fireplace works well to warm the house, but don’t you feel your skin drying out if you consistently use the fireplace to give heat? I think I always did, back when I lived further up north; With that in mind, hot dry air can leave our throat scratchy, and that consistently drives me crazy! So, the evaporative cooler seemed like the best fix for our cooling needs; On top of being more effective as a cooling system, the evaporative cooler as well uses just a fraction of the energy needed for a conventional central air conditioning unit to run as needed, but as a result, my energy bills are much lower! With the money I’m saving by using this evaporative cooler, I can invest in other appliances for cooling our house; Next, I might invest in a solar tower to draw heat out of the house. Or, possibly I’ll just get a different humidifier for when it gets cold.

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Boiler functions

A boiler gets an exhausting reputation for no reason, as most people do not want boiler systems because they are big, ugly and mainly used for massive buildings.  But a boiler can be used for a small apartment and do the task of heating well, and no, the boiler is not the most attractive heating system. But, most furnaces and heating systems are not legitimately pretty and in reality you just want to be hot in the winter, looks at the end of the day are not pressing. A boiler method can be set up in the basement and well out of one’s way too… It will still work great, and the boiler has so many positives that every homeowner should own one if they need intensive heating. A boiler can control the apartment air temperature and also the water temperature. You can hook the boiler up to the hot water tank in the home. The boiler serves as the water heating system for the home. With a boiler, you can have heated water almost right away. It is not too expensive to use the boiler for the home’s heating and the water heating. Two purposes for a single method is not that bad. Also, a boiler can be hooked up to a swimming pool. You can hook piping to the boiler, extend it to the pool and hook it all up. The pool then has a heating system with the boiler method linked to it.  Pretty impressive right? You can also hook piping to the boiler and have it extend under your floorboards in the home. This is called hydronic radiant heated floors. A boiler can literally warm up about anything.

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Tons of people and HVAC

When you have numerous tenants in a house, heating as well as air conditioning zone control is the answer! You can’t make everybody ecstatic, however each person has their own particular temperature control needs, and a lot of it depends on your age, how athletic you are and personal preference; The key factor is knowing that nobody loves the same temperature on the control unit at any given time.  Perhaps grandma might want a lot of heating all day long, but dad might appreciate his A/C at night but nothing in the day. The youngsters might all be the same age, but all want unusual and different heating as well as air conditioning settings! With heating as well as air conditioning zone control, all of these distinctive temperature control wants can happen. A ductless mini split in each room is the answer. The outdoor air compressor hooks to an exterior wall. Then up to seven or eight indoor air handlers with control units can be set up in the home. Each room can have their own control component and have the capability of heating or cooling. Doing this method, each tenant or occupant can have whatever heating as well as air conditioning setting they want separate from affecting anybody else’s temperature… Not only does it stop the fights, but it also saves on energy! Rooms that hardly get used do not need heating as well as air conditioning. Also, not all the people wants to crank heat in the wintertime or have cold A/C in the summer. It is simple to save by only heating and cooling the rooms that undoubtedly need it. The beginning up cost is quite considerable though. The heating as well as air conditioning upgrade is a lot and the set up is a pain. But, in the end it is definitely worth having heating as well as air conditioning zone control capability. With numerous people, it is necessary to keep the peace.

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