Heat pump in the kitchen

My home is outfitted with a forced air gas gas furnace, central cooling system, and HVAC duct affixed to supply and return vents.  For the most part, the heating and cooling system is quite effective at maintaining a comfortable temperature. There is a single temperature control which controls the temperature throughout the entire house.  My only complaint was the temperature in kitchen. My wife and I renovated the kitchen, breaking out a wall to enbig and open up the space. Both of us also added some sizable windows to bring in more light. Due to the windows and insufficient number of vents, the kitchen tended to believe tepid and sticky in the Summer and too cold while both of us were in the winter.  If both of us adjusted the temperature control, both of us either hot or over-cooled the rest of the house. Both of us looked into adding more vents, but the scope and cost of the project was far too great. I disliked blocking the view from the new windows with a portable A/C. I was unwilling to have electric fans blowing dust around while I was preparing food, and hated the plan of using space heaters.  I started researching permanently installed heating and cooling equipment which could be installed into the kitchen without major renovation. I wanted something fairly beautiful, with a narrow profile, that would operate quietly. I came across ductless heat pumps, which was the perfect solution. The ductless heat pump combines both heating and cooling capacity, is super compact, infancy to purchase and efficient to operate.  It operates from a convenient cordless remote and has significantly improved comfort in the kitchen.

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