Heater ruined it all

Have ever seen the movie ‘A Christmas Story’ about the little kid whose parents were consistently telling the boy that if he got a BB gun he would shoot his eyes out?  If you have, then you remember the part where the neighbor stuck his tongue on the flag poles. That tongue got stuck and they had to call the fire business. Now I know that the warmth of your body would have allowed it to release after a bit.  At the time, it was genuinely neat, and everyone my age would be able to understand it. I’m certain at a single time or another, every a single of us have touched a thing that was cold with damp fingers, and it stuck to us. I remember my brother seeing that movie, and he thought that maybe if he stuck his tongue to the cold window, it would stick.  My brother’s idea was that he could get out of school. The two of us all knew my brother was weird, however this was stupid. I called Dad and pointed at my brother, who was older than I. My dad swatted his back side and told him to go to school. My brother couldn’t figure out why he didn’t stick. I told him the gas furnace was on and the home was warm.  The heat was too much to make him cling to the window. My brother denies doing that now, however I remember it. My own child decided to try that one time too a few years back.

HVAC worker