Oozing a/c system

I have to travel a ton for work. It is the one part of the job that I don’t like. I have a friend Benny that sometimes goes with me. I do not enjoy to be away from them honestly often, but unfortunately, I find myself going at least 1 time each week, than last year was particularly the final thing. I was sent to the east, to get some contracts signed by a possible buyer! The area was gross, & I was forced to stay in the only local motel business. The motel was easily 90 years old, & most of the fixtures seemed to be the same age. I was scared to sleep on the bed, & I did not even pull down the sheets. The worst part was the air cooing. I was afraid to use the air conditioning, due to there was a black sticky goo oozing out of the dial. I wanted to complain to the owner too, because she creeped me out. I was only in neighborhood for just one night, & I was determined to make the best of it. I used a cloth to remove that goo & turn on the air conditioning. It sounded enjoy a big train was driving through the room. At least I could feel cold air leaking out of the air conditioning vents. I slept in our shoes, and on the chair. I propped our feet up on the bed, & covered my pant legs with my socks. I positioned myself away from the air conditioning, just in case there was mildew spores in the air vents.

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