Pottery ruining the air quality

I have always adored creating art with my hands. In school, I took a few pottery classes. I always loved working with a pottery device. After this, I got married, she surprised me with a pottery wheel. A few years with this, she turned the entire garage into an art room. I have a pottery wheel, plenty of space for doing my thing, & I recently gained a kiln. I have been working with unusual glazes, since acquiring the kiln for the house. Unfortunately, that smell has been blowing in the air. I have been suffering with head pains all week, & I guess the lack of ventilation might be a big concern. My partner & I tackled the air vents concern this weekend, when we added some vents to the older garage door. The two of us split out space in the aluminum door, & put in a metal vent. The vent can be cracked up or sealed. When the vent is open, we can turn on a little fan to draw odors & scents out to the environment. When the event is closed, nothing can go in or out. I have been allowing the air vents open during most of the morning. I’m not sure this will resolve our headache issues, although I remain with hope. The ventilation has particularly helped relieve a lot of the odors, & that is a unbelievable thing. If the ventilation plan does not help with our head pains. I guess our partner is going to force me to go to the medical professional.

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