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My siblings plus I have got into our fair share of screaming matches over the years. Still, everyone says that family is family, plus the two of us all have our outbursts from time to time. Well, I’d enjoy to see what those people have to say after seeing my younger sister and I go at it! From a young age, she and I have argued about everything, from who gets to play video games first to who gets the bigger bed. Generally, our arguments are petty plus trivial at best, however the two of us occasionally get into absolutely intense arguments that leave us unwilling to speak to each other for a few days! A few months ago, the two of us had such a blowout when our sibling decided to get her town home’s heating plus air conditioner plan tested by a professional Heating & A/C specialist. Generally, she would ask me to perform her twice-a-year plan repair, so I had no idea why she went with someone else to handle it. See, I’m a licensed general corporation that specializes in heating, ventilation plus air conditioner! When I cornered my sibling about the incident, she genuinely told me that she expected those services to be free! Can you believe that? I’d enjoy cleaning out her ductworks, testing plus repair her air conditioner plan plus repairing her furnace at no cost, however I’m no philanthropist! I just couldn’t fathom that the woman I call family could be so horribly selfish. If she told me she was considering hiring another professional to handle her heating plus air conditioner service plus repair, I would’ve been willing to work with her on a discounted rate for our services. But still, a woman has to eat! I can’t just work for free, unless she wants to begin donating to a charity that feeds homeless Heating & A/C specialists.

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