Getting a review on the HVAC

Last week at work when I was up for annual review, I was a concerned wreck! Everyone hates getting their annual performance reviews done, including the supervisors who have to give the reviews! I suppose it’s an annoying, painstaking process, no matter how you end up doing it. I guess when your salary plus a possible raise depend on your review, it is naturally going to stress you out! Well, as if I wasn’t concerned enough already, the air conditioning in our office died out last week. The whole air conditioning proposal stopped laboring plus so there was no cool air blowing in through the air vents at all. The temperature outside was really hot last week, plus so of course that made the air quality less high quality than it normally would have been. I was all dressed up in a suit plus tie. Of course, suits plus ties aren’t exactly the coolest articles of clothing! So between the suit plus tie, the lack of air conditioning, the high rapidly increasing temperatures outside, plus the stress from this annual review, I was dripping with sweat. I have to admit, I really felt like an idiot going into the boss’s office with sweat dripping all down my face. I was praying for the air conditioning to kick back on. Sady, the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C proposal was completely down for the count for the whole week. I didn’t get a big raise, when my boss finished up the evaluation, yet I was happy to hear that she was planning on getting the air conditioning fixed the honestly next day!

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