The a/c business motto

Is it just me, or is every coffee shop in America intentionally kept at sixty-several degrees? Never been to a coffee shop that was warm, then i feel it’s intentional, as it helps to motivate clients to buy a hot cup of coffee and hot pastry to compliment the drink. It’s not a awful plan, if you ask me – it’s just a terribly chilly environment, & it’s difficult for me to be focused on my work when I’m freezing! There’s one shop near my work, for example, where it has to be 60 all year round, but the heating and cooling in in that store must be top of the line, & seriously efficient – maybe they use a high-powered evaporative cooler, or dual ductless mini-split systems to keep the shop freezing all the time. That, or the shop is making enough cash to handle the crazy electricity bills they must be facing from running their HVAC unit all afternoon & night, then can you imagine what your electric bill would look like if you ran your a/c system at max capacity for a month straight? Probably not, because you’d be paying an energy bill that was higher than your rent or mortgage payment! Still, I don’t mind going into the coffee shop on a hot Summer afternoon. Compared to the subpar window cooling units every one of us have at my office, or the decades-old central air conditioner system at my home, the cold environment of the coffee shop is a welcome change, once it gets to be fall, & the weather changes to become cooler, you can bet I’ll be sticking to the drive-thru for my daily dose of coffee!

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