Need to go through the air filters

The thing most people like to forget about when providing statistics is that there is always a variance. When you see those numbers in the news, or even on your medicine bottle, you need to remember that this might not always be using the right point of reference – if that makes sense. For me, I take a 2000 milligram vitamin D pill each day. I do this because I live in the north, so daylight is precious and rare through the winter. My sibling, on the other hand, takes a 50,000 milligram vitamin D pill once a week, because his chronic illness requires him to address extreme deficiency. My bottle says ‘do not exceed dose unless directed by a doctor’, which is exactly what he does. The same point of reference is important in regards to your car as well as your HVAC system! If you put your car under a lot of stress, you’ll need to change the oil more often. If you have a lot of pets or keep a fairly dirty home, you’ll need to change your air filter more often still! Most HVAC service websites will tell you that you need to change your air filter at least once a week on average. The average does not account for all the people in every circumstance, mind you! I change my air filter each month, as I have a single cat, but I vacuum and dust often in my home. My father and mother in-law have several dogs, cats, and a small house that everyone is cramped into. They lives with plenty of yard space for the dogs to run around in, but that small home and many dogs means a lot of pet fur stuck in the vents, which takes a toll on the air filter. So my mother in law changes her air filter at least every month, sometimes twice a month.

a/c filter

the boiler warms our family’s water

I just started this new task in order to help spend my money for the rising the costs of oil in my area, but I have to admit that it’s not working out quite as I hoped. I felt that if I started early enough, I would be able to get paid immediately! This is where I was wrong, sadly. I didn’t think that this job, like most in retail, only pays biweekly! Since my first day of work was between pay periods, I learned that I won’t get paid for another three weeks. Three weeks! I even asked if I could just get one weeks’ pay, but that was a no go. Until I get my first paycheck, I have to now carefully use the fuel for my oil boiler. Since my home runs off of a boiler, I also have to ration hot water as well! It really stinks. The water heater in my house is kept warm via the oil boiler, which I’m regretting over just using an electric furnace. I say the oil boiler allows for making water tepid much faster than most, but it also means the hot water is a limited resource. I not only have to mind my thermostat to make sure the oil boiler isn’t running too often, but I have to be cautious and moderate the length of my showers and dish-washing sessions. Doing my laundry in cold water has been a huge benefit in that circumstance, so that’s one less thing to take care of. I can’t even afford a space heater as it is, seeing as the good ones that don’t run up the electric bill are hugely expensive!


The barn needs quality heating

My spouse and I are avid horseback riders. While we like to get into local competitions, we’re equipped for it as we have a barn on our property. In the summer, the city kids will usually come out to help with little chores around the farm. Clearing trash from around the paddock, or helping to bring in the hay, are just a few chores they’ll do in exchange for riding lessons. In the winter, it’s just my spouse and I. In the barn, the people I was with and I have electricity running through it, and that is a major help for us getting everything done with the little sunshine allotted during the winter. By the time the people I was with and I get back home from our jobs, it’s dark out and surprisingly cold! Thanks to those power lines, however, our barn can be kept warm with the use of multiple good electric space heaters! These little quartz heating systems put out a type of non-drying heat that is radiant by nature, and is powered by infrared technology. They work to warm up living things, as well as warming the air itself! This helps us greatly in the Winter time, as we’re feeding the horses and brushing them down after letting them in for the evening. They’re much more agreeable when they’re warm! Since the space heater systems are electric, they don’t put off the emissions that can harm the horses, so they’re perfect for outdoor use! This means these little space heaters are a lot safer for our horses than most other heating systems available.

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Why I need an air cleaner in the kitchen

I’m a pretty solid cook most days, but I can make mistakes like anyone else. On the nights when I’m exhausted and worked too many hours without taking a break, I can make the most foolish mistakes you can think of. I still remember one time in particular, when I was trying to finish cooking these vegetables for a family of four to eat with their meals. I went to go finish another entree while I waited for the veggies to simmer, only to realize I wasn’t cooking the veggies in a pot, but in a skillet! It just barely got back to that station in time to salvage the greens, though they were charred. The scent of charred bell peppers and carrots was obviously not very pleasant, which is why I keep the air purification system in the kitchen running through the entire shift! As my little kitchen doesn’t have excellent vent hoods or central A/C outlets, this media UV air purifier goes a long way to keep the back of house breathing better. By placing it in the kitchen, the media UV air purifier works to keep the air clean and even disinfect the room as a process. After a night of burned meals, I turn it on high and the smell of my mistakes disappears in under an hour on average. My air purification is able to accomplish this because it uses a multiple space air filtering system! First a charcoal pre filter absorbs scents, then a HEPA air filter to take care of everything from pollen to mold! Every evening before close, I turn on the UVC light as this part of the air purification system kills free-floating bacteria on a microscopic level. It’s a wonderful system to ensure your dining establishment maintains excellent indoor air quality!

HEPA filter

Automation can help bring in jobs:

I am proud to work in a facility whose many advances labor to bring in modern jobs in this country. As such, unlike other business, who task to put jobs overseas in order to turn a bigger profit, our medical testing company keeps all of its labs strictly right her in the United States… While my friends often tell me that their job is kneeling people off, and how concerned they are for the future, my job is regularly hiring, but this is because our smart building actually creates more job opportunities, rather than deleting them… Its funny to me everytime I turn on the news and people are freaking out that some robot is going to be the end of human employment in many industries. In my industry, however, our robots create the need for more jobs, not less. A smart building has a lot of aspects which need to be monitored by a human being. The automation equipment alone has its own team, which is made up of thirty people and counting. As our industry grows, so too does the automation server. As well, we have to draft modern building management software all the time, as the automated testing device all of us have created is the first of its kind. Then once the software is finally complete, all of us need physical employees for this modern department to officially label and coordinate the samples, so they regularly go down the tracks officially. Thanks to our truly brilliant employees, we’re growing all the time. With this modern smart building medical lab I work at, I’ve been able to get jobs for friends and family which turn into life-long jobs.  

building automation

New buildings have a lot of codes:

In my current city, we have actually very strict protocols for any new building that is added to the up-to-date grid. This is because our city has actually very firm laws that work to help our entire country be environmentally friendly. At this time, every building that is constructed or even a renovation if it involves gutting more than 80% of the building has to be built to LEED certification standards. However, LEED standards is no simple feat to achieve. As is, this requires the building to have a number of energy efficiency projects included in the overall design. The building should therefore work to use as several recycled materials or otherwise conflict free materials as much as possible, with the required number according to the energy efficiency projects team at a minimum of 50%. In addition to these standards, the building must have its utility systems set according to LEED standards too, which requires efforts to be made that work with the environment rather than against! One such typical aspect of commercial building energy conservation is a water recycling system. This plan works to fully harvest rainwater every day, which is then used to flush toilets, Consequently, by bringing in grey water to complete these works, the building uses far less fresh water! A water recycling plan can also be used to harvest all of the rainwater and turn it into potable water, which means water that is safe to drink. These energy efficiency projects add an immense price tag to a commercial building, however they are entirely worth the given cost as they both save cash and save the environment.


How we fight over heating

I find it so amusing the amount of stuff that most university students will randomly whine plus complain about; my oldest child is in his really first year of university, plus every other afternoon he is sending myself or my wife a text, or calling one of the two of us with something to complain about; last month it was about the supposedly terrible food that they have been serving in the cafeteria every day.  This week, he is complaining about the heating plus cooling component in his dorm room; he has to share the component with his roommate, plus he says that he doesn’t prefer how cold his roommate leaves the heating plus cooling component when he is out and at class. I suppose that all of these advances in the heating as well as A/C world have made this next generation too soft, our child included, because back when I was in university several years ago, I would have loved having a heating plus cooling component at all! Instead of having that particular luxury, my roommate and I had only a small ceiling fan plus open windows to keep us cooled off. During the wintertime season, all of us just piled up the blankets plus slept in sizzling weather gear.  Even though I had to deal with these annoying conditions, I had an amazing time plus I never once called back to my two parents to whine about it all; perhaps our child needs to attend a less privileged school out in the middle of nowhere. Maybe this way, he will learn a thing or two about how great he actually has it. He would learn that there are much worse things than having to occasionally fight over the temperature of the heating plus cooling system!

geothermal heating

The heating and air conditions when we travel

I don’t understand those people who make it their works to travel the world; although don’t get me wrong, I like to see odd places as much as the next random guy, however traveling is so exhausting for me! Most of the time by an end of a trip, I look forward to getting back home and relaxing in my cozy house; however most of the places that I have traveled to are in the northern part of the globe, so I have had to deal with honestly chilly temperatures most of the time.  You would assume that some of these places I ended up staying would have some good gas heating systems and some respectable insulation, right? Well in our case, this has not been true at all; For some reason I will never know, all of the hotels and hostels that we stay at during our travels don’t have any luxurious radiant heated flooring, nor state of the art heated gas furnaces, but it’s not that we even stay at cheap hotels either. We like comfort, so we are usually willing to spend some extra money to have some amenities such as heated flooring and some fresh sheets too… The only time that we were comfortable on a trip was during Christmas time last year when we went to visit my spouse’s parents; however they live in the south so it is not honestly strenuous to stay warm down there. I assume that I might need to send a message text to some of these travel experts that I see on the internet, because clearly they are doing something on their trips to stay warm and comfortable that I am consistently missing.

heater and a/c

Time to fix up the HVAC unit

This is my #1 time of year, for so many odd and unusual reasons. I like getting together with my friends plus extended family, enjoying delicious food plus drinks, plus reflecting on the year gone by. I like handing out gifts with other people, plus if I have the spare time, it is a wonderful time to volunteer at a local soup kitchen plus a homeless shelter. I am fully possessed by the goodness plus energy of the holiday season, however I usually job 12 to 14 hour days throughout December. I don’t mind the long hours, because I can make more money in a single month than I normally do in six months. I am an Heating plus A/C serviceman, specializing in making fast plus economical repair work to heating plus cooling systems. I don’t sell new equipment, I don’t do full component installations or ductwork upgradement, all I do is get the machines up plus running well again, then during the winter, when so many people has dealer, everyone wants their natural gas furnaces plus oil gas furnaces to be finally working well. I will even go and do emergency Heating plus A/C repairs on Christmas eve or afternoon, because I can charge more than triple my normal rate plus people are excited to pay it. I get certainly little sleep for December, because I am either celebrating the holidays with people, or finally working very strenuously on gas furnaces. Once December finally rolls around, I will usually take a month off to relax plus charge up my batteries, which is a single of the many wonderful things about owning plus operating my own Heating plus A/C repair shop.

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Refuses to let me run the air conditioner

I never wanted to have a roomie, to be perfectly honest, but the state of my finances made it less of an option plus more of a necessity. I went with someone who was attending grad school, because it seemed to me like they were always laser focused on their studies plus would not be overly loud of obnoxious; All of that turned out to be true, as my roomie pretty much constantly keeps to himself plus does little else besides read and study, so the location stayed quiet! There are a couple of other concerns, though, because he makes so pretty gross food which odors up the whole interior.  This ruins the nice indoor air conditions I usually have, plus those odors seems to saturate every room of the apartment. It would not be such a sizable deal if all of us just turned down the cooling system plus let the air circulate through the filters to scrub it up a bit… Which brings up the other major problem I have with my roomie, his aversion to using the cooling system, then he is certainly overly sensitive to frosty plus cooling, he says, plus when the air conditioner runs for too long it makes him shiver and quake. I told him to close the air vents in his room plus keep the door shut, but he says he pays his share of rent just like me plus should have a say in the temperature control settings. As a bipartisan answer, all of us decided that neither a single of us should be happy, plus all of us would split the difference between us plus set the temperature control right in between our individual heating plus cooling preferences.

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