The time flies

My partner Miles and I have been married for around 4 years! Miles and I met young, fell in love and moved into a home as a pair. Miles and I have stayed in the same area, neighborhood and block our total lives. The many of us have resided in the same cottage for all of the many years, then when Miles and I first purchased it, all of us did a huge remodel.  I still find myself telling people that all of us lately did the windows… Now that I think about it, that was around 4 years ago. When they say that life goes by in a quick pace, it genuinely does. This device came up the other afternoon when I asked Miles if him and I should consider upgrading our heater. Miles and I put in the 1 all of us have now when all of us bought the home many years ago. Both of us got the oil heater worked on 1 time, directly when all of us moved in. Rather that 1 time, all of us have never gotten the boiler looked at since.  The boiler has never gotten any mind after this. Miles insists that there is no need to do anything although I guess that all of us could make the boiler be far more effective than it is now. Modern tech has improved so much and all of us could save significantly on our annual prices, then yeah, there would be an investment in the current update but, over the period of time it would pay for itself with decreased utility bills; I hope Miles agrees to at least have a Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman come to the cottage and give us an estimate.

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A newer HVAC component

Throughout the years, there have been new ideas in heating. Steam has been used for both work plus to provide heat.  Some think this is seasoned tech that is rarely used anymore. However, steam heating is still easily much in use. One of the most popular forms of this style of this is in the Heating as well as Air Conditioning industry.  Hydronic heating is still actually is able to be used in use both for residential, commercial, plus even section heating units. Hydronic heating is actually the use of a hot air, water or other materials that are heated by an element plus they moved around throughout a plan of pipes or tubes.  Many men as well as men use hydronic heating as heated floors instead of electric or propane. This may be because of the risk issue. There are no exposed heating wires that can catch an item on fire. These electric heating systems are good at what they go plus scrub plus can be ideal for an extra home office or lavatory that needs a bit of extra warmth.  The liquid is totally taken care of within the unit so there is no opening of issue from that at all. The units work by pulling in freezing air from the floor plus setting up heated air from the upper level. This gives even, sizzling heat without having to use a blower or fan that releases dust as well! Bigger hydronic units may be powered by whole home gas plus well as heat the water.

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The shock of new HVAC

While on my way home, I stopped by a buddy’s cabin to drop off some things.  My buddy had needed them plus hoped to get them away. I try plus give numerous things down to kids of my friend as possible to help out with finances on their part.  My kids never seem to wear out their clothes as they are actually growing plus numerous of the things were like new. When I arrived, the climate control outside was around 25 degrees plus it was snowing like crazy.  I just wanted to drop the things off plus get back into my heated car. When I knocked on the door I was in awe when the son came to the door wearing briefs, a t shirt, plus no socks. I was actually sad plus wished that some of the winter time clothes I was bringing would fit him.  How could the son be dressed like that in the heart of winter? Well, to my shock, the whole family was in summer time gear. I realized fast why this was the situation. I was dripping with sweat within minutes of resting in the door. My buddy explained that they used a wood stove to heat the cabin plus there was no way to control the climate control.  It was either way too warm, or way too cold… They used this kind of heat because it was more cost efficient than heating with gas or electric plus would often open a window to chill the cabin down a bit.

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AC when getting groceries

My wife & I went to do our respected grocery run early in the AM last weekend. If you want to avoid the crowds, you come in later at evening, or crack of dawn before 8:00 AM, but my wife & I had grown exhausted of trying to wrestle our way through a crowded supermarket each and every weekend, so we decided to try going early – I’m talking right after the sun comes up! When my wife and I had finally pulled up to the grocery store, the lot was practically empty – that was the first promising sign, but then we both walked into the store, & found that the air conditioning system was blasting frigid freezing air! We’d never felt this cool & comfortable at the supermarket before, mostly because of the many bunches of people pouring body heat into the air & counteracting the cooling unit system. The air quality was also much better than usual, which I thought was pretty peculiar, and as my wife and I paced the aisles & gathered our groceries for the week, I noticed every last single vent register overhead as it poured chilled air down onto us. It was blowing our minds majorly, just how comfortable & cool this location was in the early afternoon! When we both finally got up to the checkout lane, I had to ask the cashier if it was regularly this cool in the day time hours… She laughed, saying it’s usually like this until the crowds show up around 8:00 AM, however well, if it means being in the excellent air conditioning & being comfortable while grabbing groceries, I’ll blissfully keep coming in this early in the AM!

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The a/c business motto

Is it just me, or is every coffee shop in America intentionally kept at sixty-several degrees? Never been to a coffee shop that was warm, then i feel it’s intentional, as it helps to motivate clients to buy a hot cup of coffee and hot pastry to compliment the drink. It’s not a awful plan, if you ask me – it’s just a terribly chilly environment, & it’s difficult for me to be focused on my work when I’m freezing! There’s one shop near my work, for example, where it has to be 60 all year round, but the heating and cooling in in that store must be top of the line, & seriously efficient – maybe they use a high-powered evaporative cooler, or dual ductless mini-split systems to keep the shop freezing all the time. That, or the shop is making enough cash to handle the crazy electricity bills they must be facing from running their HVAC unit all afternoon & night, then can you imagine what your electric bill would look like if you ran your a/c system at max capacity for a month straight? Probably not, because you’d be paying an energy bill that was higher than your rent or mortgage payment! Still, I don’t mind going into the coffee shop on a hot Summer afternoon. Compared to the subpar window cooling units every one of us have at my office, or the decades-old central air conditioner system at my home, the cold environment of the coffee shop is a welcome change, once it gets to be fall, & the weather changes to become cooler, you can bet I’ll be sticking to the drive-thru for my daily dose of coffee!

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Our home a/c system stopped working

A few months ago, my dear wife decided she wanted to go back to college and pursue a teaching degree focused on early childhood education. Her choice to return to college was born from an obstacle course of factors that would make others turn away or give up, and yet she persisted! I’m proud of my wife for going back to college, despite working full-time and tending to our six month-old baby. Yes, her stubborn will has often guided her through any number of life’s struggles. However, that same stubborn willpower has contributed to quite a few of our struggles as well! Last year, we were dealt a heavy financial blow when the air conditioning system in our home stopped working. It would still circulate air, but the incoming air was warm, and almost sticky if that makes sense. I thought the air filter just needed to be replaced, however even the best HEPA air filter made no difference to our air quality at that point; My wife refused to spend money the money for the necessary repairs, and said that it to justify needing the repairs, and what my wife failed to consider was that it was only May! We were due for some horrendous haet over the coming summer, although she insisted it could wait. Before long, I was at a point where I couldn’t take it anymore. I made  a service visit myself, and had the HVAC specialists at our home only a day later… Just so my wife didn’t have to worry about the costs, I was able to finance the repairs and make payments. I would’ve paid for the repairs in full though, if it meant having the air conditioning system fixed and ready to blast chilled air!

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Looking over our HVAC ducts

I love animals as much as the next guy would claim. Whether it’s a cute little squirrel, or a massive grown cat, I can’t keep myself from gussying up and trying to pet the animal! As much as I do love playing with an animal, domestic or wild – I don’t care much for animals that find their way into my condo without  being welcomed in! It’s a rare event, but once in a lifetime event can convince you that it could happen every single day if you don’t take the necessary precautions, let me explain. Last summer, we dealt with a heatwave the likes of which we hadn’t seen in years. It was over one-hundred degrees almost every single day, and the humidity was almost too much to bear, as if the stress from the heat wasn’t bad enough, our A/C started causing the house to have this awful stink. We couldn’t put our finger on it, but we checked the air filter and checked the ductwork from where we could see in. We found nothing that could be causing the air quality to be taking the nosedive that it was taking. Then, we heard it – this distinct skittering sound, like an animal trying to claw out of the ductwork! We promptly shut off the A/C system, and called pest control to come pull the animal out of the ductwork. We then made sure to trap the animal once we located where it was in the ducts,. We were careful not to cut off all airflow to the animal – you don’t want to kill them, just get them out! Once pest control arrived, they were able to retrieve the culprit from the ductwork – the smallest baby squirrel had managed to work their way into the ductwork, likely in an attempt to escape the Summer heat! Poor little guy, I wish I could’ve just taken care of him in the open air of our home!

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did not clean the a/c filter

Family reunions are great and well, but there’s a reason you have years to plan them out in advance! My family, unfortunate as it is, has a bad tendency to procrastinate and put things off until the last possible moment… I still remember one family vacation, where my dad waited until three weeks weeks before the trip to call and reserve a hotel for a full week, if you can believe that! That’s the level of procrastination I deal with in my family! So when my uncles sent invitations to the family reunion with only a week’s notice, I knew I was in for a wild ride! We were set to gather at a community rec center. Which while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, the rec center had pretty bad indoor air quality. I think the property managers had neglected to rotate the air filters out for quite some time–their heating as well as A/C equipment was certainly overdue for a tune-up! To make things even worse, the already poorly functioning air conditioning plan gave out from trying to cool a room with thirty people inside. Then as a result, the rec room became so hot and stuffy that all of us had to move the event outside! It was a hot day outside, but at least there was a breeze. As all of us moved our food and games outside the rec room, my dad disappeared to go talk to the property managers in the leasing office. He must’ve said some pretty extreme words, because a Heating and Air Conditioning repair truck pulled up in front of the rec center only an hour later! Thankfully, the heating as well as A/C specialist was able to remedy the problem with the air conditioner, and get it going once again. She said it would keep us cool for now, but she would certainly need to come back and perform a familiar tune-up on the equipment. Hopefully she does that before tomorrow!

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AC during the movie

My siblings plus I have got into our fair share of screaming matches over the years. Still, everyone says that family is family, plus the two of us all have our outbursts from time to time. Well, I’d enjoy to see what those people have to say after seeing my younger sister and I go at it! From a young age, she and I have argued about everything, from who gets to play video games first to who gets the bigger bed. Generally, our arguments are petty plus trivial at best, however the two of us occasionally get into absolutely intense arguments that leave us unwilling to speak to each other for a few days! A few months ago, the two of us had such a blowout when our sibling decided to get her town home’s heating plus air conditioner plan tested by a professional Heating & A/C specialist. Generally, she would ask me to perform her twice-a-year plan repair, so I had no idea why she went with someone else to handle it. See, I’m a licensed general corporation that specializes in heating, ventilation plus air conditioner! When I cornered my sibling about the incident, she genuinely told me that she expected those services to be free! Can you believe that? I’d enjoy cleaning out her ductworks, testing plus repair her air conditioner plan plus repairing her furnace at no cost, however I’m no philanthropist! I just couldn’t fathom that the woman I call family could be so horribly selfish. If she told me she was considering hiring another professional to handle her heating plus air conditioner service plus repair, I would’ve been willing to work with her on a discounted rate for our services. But still, a woman has to eat! I can’t just work for free, unless she wants to begin donating to a charity that feeds homeless Heating & A/C specialists.

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Getting a review on the HVAC

Last week at work when I was up for annual review, I was a concerned wreck! Everyone hates getting their annual performance reviews done, including the supervisors who have to give the reviews! I suppose it’s an annoying, painstaking process, no matter how you end up doing it. I guess when your salary plus a possible raise depend on your review, it is naturally going to stress you out! Well, as if I wasn’t concerned enough already, the air conditioning in our office died out last week. The whole air conditioning proposal stopped laboring plus so there was no cool air blowing in through the air vents at all. The temperature outside was really hot last week, plus so of course that made the air quality less high quality than it normally would have been. I was all dressed up in a suit plus tie. Of course, suits plus ties aren’t exactly the coolest articles of clothing! So between the suit plus tie, the lack of air conditioning, the high rapidly increasing temperatures outside, plus the stress from this annual review, I was dripping with sweat. I have to admit, I really felt like an idiot going into the boss’s office with sweat dripping all down my face. I was praying for the air conditioning to kick back on. Sady, the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C proposal was completely down for the count for the whole week. I didn’t get a big raise, when my boss finished up the evaluation, yet I was happy to hear that she was planning on getting the air conditioning fixed the honestly next day!

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