A cannabis education

When I first moved out to the western part of the country and I started working in this little store, I thought that my life was complete! I loved the scenery, the people, all of the wilderness and campsites all around, and even the little apartment that I rented to live in. Plus I was really good at my job, which had all kinds of cool clothing and hats and camping gear, and stuff like that. I’m great at selling things to retail customers, so this store was a great work environment for me. Anyway, I was pretty surprised when the owner of the store informed us last week that we were all going to need to go take cannabis education classes if we wanted to keep working in the store. He said that he had signed the whole sales staff up for cannabis sales training, cannabis sales education, and cannabis products training. I didn’t even know that our little store was going to be a dispensary so I was a little bit surprised. He also mentioned to us that he was thinking of signing us up for some online cannabis courses, too. I guess with all of this cannabis education that I’m going to have to take if I want to keep my job, I’m going to basically become an expert at cannabis science education and cannabis sales education. I guess I’m good at selling whatever product I have, so I can probably learn to sell cannabis to people too. I mean, it’s probably not that hard of a product to sell, now that I think about it. It’s going to be interesting to go to some of these cannabis sales education classes, though. I can only imagine what the instructors are going to tell us.

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BAS plus sides

A building automation system is one of the best ways to conserve time and energy in a business, regardless of its size! A building automation system can not only take care of many problems that occur in every business, but tons of routine jobs can be automated with one of these systems. Business owners can set up a building automation system to control the lighting, alarms, and even indoor air temperature of a business. When the company was recently looking for a green energy project, the two of us in the sustainability department spoke with a few different firms – one of which heavily recommended installing a building automation program for the company. This system can control a few different functions in our building, starting with the automatic lighting system. It’s set up with energy conservation in mind, as the last crew member clocking out is a signal to the building automation system to shut down the lighting and Central HVAC unit. It also locks all of the security zones in the building, so the building automation system proves to be a solid security feature. The only people with access must enter their credentials at an HID reader station, and each one of our employees has a special keyless entry card that can’t be duplicated. We had some problems with theft some time ago, but the building automation system has effectively fixed that issue! The building automation system serves a lot of functions in our business, and I’d say it was a wise investment.


CCTV for the pawn shop

The owner of a pawn and electronics shop in town contacted my company last week. After dealing with theft for months despite having a security system, the owner of the pawn shop was unsure if the employees were stealing or if the theft was caused by an outside source. The owner of the pawn shop asked for a meeting, and so I drove to the pawn shop to meet with them. The owner was happy to come meet with me, and he told me about how he had already lost several thousand dollars in merchandise just last month alone. I asked if he had any surveillance cameras set up, but he had just one at the front. Sadly, the CCTV system was not recording for audio or video, but only watched events as it happened. I spoke with the owner about the different Security Options for him, and helped him pick out a security system that would meet all of the shops needs. We first added a card reader to the front door, and employee would then swipe a badge to enter the pawn shop. Every one of us also added a video surveillance system, and several cameras placed around the property. With every spot of the store covered by the cameras, they were also recording the audio and video throughout the day. With signs placed on the property warning people that they are being recorded, our job was done – and they were far more secure than ever before.

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That really is a wonderful thing

If you talk to any person these times, they will more than likely tell you that they do their shopping online.  To be real, this has become the most pressing way to buy many things including the home groceries and health care things around the house.  You no longer need to leave the comfort of your couch to get most of the things you need. You may have to sit back a day or so for them but it is worth it when it shows up at your lanai, one of the things that is concerning it the simple measures of acquiring medications online.  Due to the fact that many people are not regulated they can ship their stuff just about somewhere and to anyone. If you have little kids in your house you entirely already know that some of the medications that can be ordered on the web can be harmful and you need to monitor these shopping sites on a regular basis.  This is especially concerning when it comes to things like CBD oil and edibles. When taken as needed for pain, inflammation, and even sleep disorders they are basically are wonderful thing. They compare to the few herbs and supplements that are already on the market. The claims for health benefits have not been checked by the FDA and there is no proof that these items do what they say.  Now, little kids only know that it is a form of marijuana and don’t understand that it is used for medicinal purposes only.

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Why look into a CCTV

I think that many people wonder if signs are required if you have a security system or video surveillance. In most place, it doesn’t matter if you post signs. The signs will not relieve you of any liability for installing cameras or video surveillance systems if there’s a local law that prohibits these things. So, in other words you can’t put up a surveillance camera to catch certain action on camera for your own satisfaction & then say that the subjects were aware of the camera. This is usually a crime punishable by law. With that said, there are no laws that require the posting of signs that cameras are in place or that videos recordings are being made. Video cameras are commonly used to observe illegal activity. These cameras are connected to recording devices or even a laptop where the area can be monitored. And the cool thing about CCTV (closed captioned television) observation through cameras & videos is that it isn’t just for crime detection anymore. Most video analytics solutions are able to serve different functions, like being used for traffic & crowd control management. So if you ever get a ticket in the  mail for speeding or going through a stop sign & you weren’t stopped by a police officer, thank the CCTV that caught you on camera & recorded your license plate number. And if you go to a football game & you are supposed to be working instead, then you better tell the truth to your boss. You never know when you’ll get caught on CCTV & your face & voice are permanently on video & television for everyone to see, including your boss!

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Getting video surveillance

A few months ago, my youngest sister was being plagued by a rash of home invasions in her neighborhood. And within three months, she had to purchase three new television sets. They were pretty sure they knew who was coming into the house, but they didn’t have any proof of it. So they hired a corporation to put in a home security surveillance system. The upgrade was easy and pretty quick to do. My sister liked the fact that she could get alerts on her PC if someone had entered her house through a door or a window. Every door and every window was wired with an alarm, so if there was anything other than a keyed entry, it would alert the police for her. And then if the alarm was not shut off within a particular amount of time, the police were alerted. What the person breaking in didn’t know, was the code that could be used to turn the alarm off. And without that code, the alarm continued to go off until the owner got to the house to shut the system off. The home security system has saved her a lot of money. It was either buy the house security system, or their homeowners insurance corporation was going to drop them. Since they couldn’t afford the ramifications of going without a security system, they finally obtained one last month. They had many house security companies to choose from, too. They ended up choosing a well-known but affordable corporation that had all of the features they needed. Both the insurance corporation and the local law enforcement provided their recommendations for a great security corporation.

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My love for cannabis

Scholars support the theory that marijuana was around during the stone age.  It was cultivated for rope textiles, pottery, food plus medicine. There is proof in ancient Chinese medical text that marijuana was used to treat gout, rheumatism plus malaria. There’s credible evidence of the Egyptians, Greeks, plus Romans utilizing marijuana in a variety of ways, plus from there, cannabis spread across Asia, the Middle East, Africa plus India.  During the 1600’s plus 1730’s, British colonies in North America used hemp to produce textiles plus as medicine, sometime in the late 1730’s, Napoleon visited Egypt plus brought marijuana back to France, but george WA plus Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp on their plantations, plus by the 1840’s, marijuana was accepted as a medical remedy, and it seems that the benefits of cannabis were widely realized throughout the world.  It’s surprising then that in recent years, marijuana has often been blamed for poor behavior plus even health troubles. The change in opinion of cannabis can be linked to racism, cultural warfare plus political greed. The Great Depression was a time of fear plus poverty, plus it bred a resentment of foreigners. There were many stories published in newspapers in the southwest about Mexican men going absurd plus killing people. Marijuana was blamed for their violent behavior. Similar stories were published in the Eastern states, linking marijuana to the culture of men of color.  Marijuana supposedly encouraged them to become violent plus attack absolutely white ladies. In 1930, when Congress established the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, the needed a new target… Prohibition of alcohol had not gone well. By 1936, laws regulating marijuana were put in locale across the country.


Football super bowl parties need air conditioning:

When my hubby talked about turning the garage into a football den, I thought it would be a slow process, but when my hubby talks about anything, it is usually a slow process. This time, it seems he’s gotten his ideas in order already, for as soon as I agreed, he started getting rid of things in the trash. Yesterday was trash day, and there were so many boxes of junk in the driveway. Then today, he asked me for the debit card number. When I asked what he wanted to order online, he said the garage needed an air  cooling system. I thought he was joking, until he decided to show me a picture of the new air conditioner he’d picked out. My hubby found a portable air cooling system online, and it was one of last year’s models. It was on sale for 35% off the retail price. My hubby wanted to buy the cooling system for the garage. I asked if he could wait a few weeks, until the garage was ready. He told myself and others it would not take a few weeks, because it had to be done in less time than that, due to super bowl Sunday just around the corner. When my husband has ideas in his head, especially about football and food, he won’t let it go. I did not want to argue about the portable cooling system, so I gave him the debit card number. I do not know if he will finish everything in time to host super bowl Sunday. However, I’m genuinely excited for him. He entirely wants this football den of his in the garage and to host a super bowl party, so this might be just enough to get him going. At least the garage is finally getting a great cleanup.

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HVAC tech turned out to be my old friend:

When I was in Elementary School, my best friend’s name was Steve. He was a legitimately cool kid, and both of us had fun playing at recess. Steve and I were best friends for over 8 years, until his parents moved away in the 12th grade. Steve and I tried to stay friends, however it was too difficult. I lost touch with Steve, and I eventually moved out of town. Last weekend, my lady and I were enjoying a nice Summer afternoon together. Everything was fully perfect until the HVAC unit stopped blowing cold air though… My lady called the HVAC supplier for help, and both of us waited for them to arrive. However, when the HVAC professional knocked on the door, I answered the door, and I instantly recognized the face. It was my old neighbor Steve, and he looked exactly the same. Steve recognized me as well, and both of us instantly embraced each other with a big hug. Steve and I talked for a few hours, before he reminded me that he was there to check on the HVAC unit. He had an afternoon that was full of calls, and he didn’t have a lot of time to chit chat and catch up. Steve and I then exchanged numbers, and I am now looking forward to getting together in the future. It’s been at least five years since both of us saw each other, and a lot has things have really changed. I cannot imagine that Steve is honestly working as an HVAC professional. I might have never seen my old friend, if my lady wasn’t using the supplier where he was honestly working. It legitimately is a truly small world.

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Air Conditioner is getting repaired on our ambulance:

Working as a paramedic, I am constantly running around all day. Things can get stressful suddenly, especially while we were in the summer. We have to fend with heat strokes, water accidents, in addition to a lot of automobile accidents. There are multiple people driving on the road, so automobile accidents are an everyday occurrence. My friends in addition to I will answer multiple calls every day. At least 75% of them are automobile accidents. All of us constantly transfer victims from the scene to the hospital… Occasionally that drive is just a few minutes. However,  occasionally the drive can be close to an hour. So then, it’s pressing that the ambulance run properly, so we supply respected repair every month. Naturally, during the routine repair check, all of the ambulance systems are prepared. This includes all of the medical equipment, however we also check the automobile systems as well. Just last week though, we performed a routine check on the heating in addition to cooling system. The air conditioner did not seem very cold, in addition I reported the issue to my boss. All of us only have a few ambulances to rotate, such that a broken air conditioner is a large deal. Rather than wait for the air conditioner to fully break down, my boss proposed putting that ambulance in the shop. While my ambulance is undergoing repairs to the air conditioner, I will instead be riding around providing assistance to someone else. I think I will be going to ride with Jack, because he is still fresh to the team. I hope it does not take too long for the air conditioner to be repaired, because we need every ambulance on the road. Truly, you never can guess when the worst trauma will occur, in addition to we need to be prepared.