Never doing that again

If you went around and asked people about some disaster dates they have had, I would bet a lot of money that most people would have some pretty crazy stories to share! With my partner and i however, that really isn’t the case. For our first date, I thought that it was going to miserable. My partner wanted to head up to the mountains and spend the day at a winter ski resort. I didn’t take him for a snow lover, so I was very surprised that this was going to be our first date. I have always been the type of person to sit by the heated gas furnace and binge watch netflix shows instead of being outside, so spending all day in the intense cold without any proper heating was going to be a challenge for me, or at least I thought. However this didn’t end up being the case at all. My date and I got along so well and had so much fun with each other, I didn’t notice the cold or snow going up my pants during the five hours that we spend practicing. After we wrapped up our lessons, we headed inside the ski resort to warm up and grab some food. The lodge was super warm and comfortable, with an industrial heated gas furnace near the entrance that warmed me up and dried me off almost instantly. The food and hot chocolate they had was to die for as well. That date was almost five years ago, and we have are so happy looking back that we went ahead and had that crazy first date.

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