No oil for the furnace

The winter weather can be very harsh in this area. Sometimes the outdoor temperatures are frigid and icy. We usually get at least three or four major snow storms during the winter season. Last winter, we had five snow storms in total. The last two snow storms were the largest, dumping a total of 3 ft of snow in our region. Both of these storms happened during the month of March. We don’t usually see such huge amounts of snow during the late part of winter. Having two large storms was certainly a problem. My wife and I filled the furnace with oil, during the month of January. The oil usually lasts all through the winter season. We ran out of oil for the furnace, during the second winter storm in March. We didn’t have any warm heat coming out of the air ducts, and my wife and I instantly knew why. We hoped the oil would last, but the furnace was bone dry. My wife and I decided not to fill the furnace with oil, since we were already close to the end of the cold season. We spent a few weeks without our oil furnace. The nights were particularly cold, but neither one of us wanted to spend hundreds of dollars to fill the furnace. Instead, we decided to travel to the hardware store and pick out a small space heater for the bedroom. At night, my wife and I turned on the space heater. It worked very well for the last few weeks of the cold, winter weather.

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