Mother helping me install the heated floors

There is no one more capable than my mother. My mom can do any home repair and do it well. She can install drywall like a professional. She has done minor electrical and plumbing work with success. Anything that requires heavy lifting and tools coming out, my mother is the one to call. She is better than an actual professional in my opinion. She does not rush through a job and leave a mess in the end. No mistakes are made on her watch. That is why I called her up when I got heated floors for my home. Rather than pay a HVAC contractor to install the heating system, I got my mom over. The two of us installed my heated flooring quite easily. It took a lot of time, but the job went well. First off, if I had gotten hydronic heating, I might have contemplated calling a HVAC business. Hydronic heating involves piping and a boiler system being hooked up. But, I went with electric heating which just uses mats under the floorboards. All we had to do was rip up my existing carpet and wood flooring. We then had to fit the mats side by side throughout my flooring. Then new flooring is added over top. It was more tedious than difficult. But, at the end of the job, I knew my heating system was installed perfectly. I tried to pay my mom for the job too. All she wanted was a free dinner out of me. How nice is that? I got a better heater installation for free.

heated floors