Daughter’s glitter makes its way into the family HVAC system

I know that a lot of people that complain about having children these days. Many people just see them as an added expense that they don’t want to take on every single day. However, for my wife and I having children together has been the best thing we have ever done. I have never felt more joy or love than when I look at my wife and daughter together. It really makes me so happy, I don’t know how to explain it. Our child has recently expressed an interested in arts and crafts, I love that she wants to do something creative so we let her make collages out of old magazines. She thing expressed an interest scrapbooking so we got her a couple of things to make a scrapbook with. My mom gave her a giant paint kit for christmas this year and she really loves it so much. The paint kit came with paint, pens, paper, glue and glitter. It was a perfect starter kit for our daughter and I loved watching her create things. One day I walked into our bedroom and saw glitter on the floor under the air conditioner vent, I started to panic. I walked out into the living room and noticed that a tube of glitter that fallen into the air vent the cycles the air throughout the house. The new air filter I just put in was also covered in glitter. I am not mad at my daughter, but I am nervous that the glitter is going to hurt our HVAC system.