No heat for eight days

My uncle has been having a very hard this winter. Ever since he moved into this new house, it’s been one issue after another. I shouldn’t say new, the house is pretty old actually. But he has always been drawn to homes like that, places with character and history always have more life to them. At least, that’s what my uncle is always telling me. He’s starting to eat those words. I think when he bought the place he didn’t look at as thoroughly as he should have. While he had a home inspection, my parents say he didn’t have an HVAC inspection. So he thought the home was a great deal, when in fact the price had been lowered because there were issues with the HVAC system. When he first started having hot water troubles, he thought to just have the hot water tank replaced. The old tank had been in that house for about 12 years; not the oldest it could be, but not unreasonable for it do need to be replaced. Well not even a month after that, his central heating stopped working too. That old boiler had breathed its last and had enough of it. My uncle knew it wasn’t a ductwork problem (boilers don’t use air ducts or air filter) which meant the problem could only be serious. He ended up needing a whole new boiler, and only one model would work with his old system. It took eight days for that new condenser boiler to come in; eight days of no heat. He’s happy again now that’s in, but those were eight days of no HVAC torture.

heating worker