Relaxation and heating

A couple weeks ago I went to a hypnosis class.  I have been considering being a certified hypnotist for some time now.  Ever since I took my psychology classes, I wanted to be able to delve into the psyche of other people.  I have a penchant for finding out what makes people tick. Hypnosis can not only be fascinating for the hypnotist, but it can help a person to find out what it is at the root of their problems.  It seems most people feel that hypnotism is some kind of dark art. In reality, hypnotism is nothing more than getting a person to be able to relax enough to be able to delve into their own mind and find answers to their own questions.  Unfortunately, the operative word is relax. If the person is unable to relax, they can’t respond to the gentle persuasion of the hypnotist when they give them the okay to release the memories. The room I was in when the trainer came into, was definitely not conducive to relaxation.  I was on the verge of shivering, and it wasn’t from nerves. It was so cold in the room, that everyone was cold. One gentleman got up to see if he could manipulate the thermostat, but there was a lockbox on the thermostat. We asked the instructor if he could make a change in the temperature, and he explained they needed to contact the HVAC company.  He said every class had complained about the lack of heating in the room, throughout the entire day. I’m sure no one was hypnotized that day.

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