Taking the air purifier and heater camping

Charles is my best friend of all my friends.  When he called to tell me that he would be picking  me up for the camping trip, I was looking out the window.  The rain was coming down so hard that I could barely see the road.  I looked at the backpack I had readied and I smiled knowing that I was able to tuck my portable heater and air purifier inside, along with my clothing.  My mom and dad bought me a portable air purifier that isn’t much bigger than a tissue box. It isn’t made to work in a large room, but it will do wonders for a tent.  The heater is nothing more than a large flashlight, in size. Charles showed up and he was all smiles. When he hefted my backpack over his shoulder, he laughed. He asked if I had the heater and air purifier in there, and he knew by my smile that I did.  He shook his head and carried it out to the truck. I jumped into the cab of the truck and he asked if I was ready. I wasn’t, but I said I was. We picked up the other guys and they were just as excited as Charles. They were all ready to get out into the woods and have a great time, in spite of the rain.  Charles told them I was prepared for everything and he told them about the heater and air purifier. They all chuckled, knowing that it wouldn’t be me, if I wasn’t prepared for everything. I’m a little excited to spend the weekend with my friends, but I’m still ambivalent about the camping idea.

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