The gift of a better thermostat

My boyfriend got us a really big together gift this year. He said it was something I had been asking for for a long time, but it was really for the two of us. I was really puzzled, because the box was not big enough to be a new toaster oven. I was so ecstatic when I opened it that I yelled, so loudly that my parents laughed at me. My boyfriend had bought me a smart thermostat for our condo! The smart thermostat is so incredibly helpful and amazing; it does more than I ever realized. I thought it would be a pain in the neck to set up, but the smart thermostat is actually a million times easier than our old programmable digital thermostat. Instead of having to put in my schedule and my boyfriend’s schedule, the smart thermostat actually learns our schedule for us. All we had to do was hook it up to the system, and the smart thermostat was hard at working finding the many ways to program the heating and cooling system to our needs, all while working to save us money. Then controlling the thermostat when we’re not at home is as easy as opening the app on our smartphones and adjusting the temperature or the humidity. Apparently this thing can even work with a type of programmable blinds, which my boyfriend has promised to buy with his next bonus from work. Not only is the smart thermostat super convenient, but it also helps us to save a ton of money! Our utility bills have never been lower than they are now, and it takes no effort at all.

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