Tough times at a poor college, and HVAC

I am lucky that I was able to go to college, I know that many people aren’t able to afford it. However, the college I went to definitely lacked in the funding department. It wasn’t that my degree isn’t legitimate or that the school wasn’t a good school. I had some really good times and I had some really great teachers while I was at school. However, the HVAC system in the school was probably the worst I have ever experience in my life. The school is a little bit older and the buildings weren’t as new as some of the other colleges in the area. During the winter it would get so cold in all the dorm rooms that everyone would sneak in space heaters. Space heaters weren’t allowed in our dorm rooms, but it was impossible to sleep at night without some kind of heating system. I know the school did have a heating system because some of my classrooms were really warm, but the dorms were always freezing cold. I guess I am not the only student that has complained because last week a saw a HVAC mechanic’s van parked outside of the dorm area. I think they are looking at ways to keep us warmer without having to actually replace the entire heating system. I hope the school is able to fix this problem before the winter season ends, but I really don’t think that will be the case.

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