Planning a HVAC surprise for my wife

My wife and I bought a pretty hold home a couple of years ago. We were young and didn’t have too much money put away but we really wanted to have a place of our own. So we used what money we did have and it has been fine for a little while. Now, that my wife and I are in a better place financially we want to start making upgrades to the house. We started off by redoing the kitchen. We got new appliances, changed the tile and even go new counters. We want to do something else but we can’t quite decide what it should be yet. At least that is what my wife thinks is going on. However, I have been planning to redo the entire heating and cooling system as a surprise for her birthday. I know that sounds like a lame gift, but I know she is going to love it. She is going out of town with her mom and when she comes back the heating and cooling system is going to be completely redone. I only have four days to get the HVAC remodel done and the HVAC company I have been working with has been really helpful. They are going to stick to my timeframe and budget. If all goes as planned she will be completely surprised when she gets back from her trip. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she sees what I have been planning. I might even get the husband of the year award.

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