Power with the a/c

A couple years ago, our kid took our granddaughters in addition to I on a trip to the Gulf Coast.  The people I was with and I had a new home that was a couple miles inland in addition to it was gorgeous.  There were 2 bedrooms in addition to 2 sofa beds in the dining room. The bathroom had a big garden tub with a small bathroom off to the side.  It was like being home, however better. They had planned a trip to go swimming in addition to snorkelling, in addition to I opted to stay back at the new home while they were gone.  I was going to indulge in a long soak in the tub. I had our bottle of wine, the water was coming out at just the right temperature, in addition to I was looking forward to unbelievable in addition to reading our book.  I got into the tub in addition to jumped right back out. The water was so chilly that I was shivering. That was also when I realized the air conditioner had quit now working. I quickly got dressed in addition to I looked at the emergency guidelines.  To me, this was an emergency. I was from the north in addition to not used to all of the heat in addition to humidity. I called the rental office in addition to they said they would have a handyman come out in addition to looked at the the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning, in addition to I asked about the sizzling water, however they hung up.  I was impatiently waiting for the handyman to show up in addition to repair the AC in addition to the sizzling water heater, when it hit myself and others that the power wasn’t on. I found the breaker box, only to realize that when I was doing the laundry, I had inadvertently hit the handle on the breaker box, that had shut off the power to the house.