They like our smart thermostat

You don’t even have to be human to love nice climate control. Food, water, shelter, plus relief from the elements is just as enjoyable for animals as it is for humans. I am speaking in identifiable ¬†about our numerous cats who are brother plus sister plus the cutest plus funniest pair of cats that you’ll ever meet. Whether they are inside or outside, they are almost inseparable. They play plus mess with each other consistently with the same enthusiasm they had as kittens. They also both have an affinity for climate control. They suppose the coolest spots in the new home during the Summer plus the warmest spots in the new home during the Winter, respectively. They are so spoiled, that occasionally they don’t even want to go out in harsh weather, although they ¬†usually love the outdoors. In the Winter, they will take naps curled up with a single another, next to the heating vents. Then, just love that, when the heating shuts off, they will wake up from their little dog nap plus go romping off somewhere else. When the gas furnace kicks back in, they go right back to the vent plus sit down again. It’s pretty much the same story in the Summertime, but with them enjoying the air conditioner. If they had thumbs plus enough intelligence plus the means of reaching the temperature control, I am sure that they would change the temperature to what they prefer. While myself and others plus my fiance are out of the new home during the weekdays at our own separate tasks, it’s easily our numerous cats who get the most enjoyment out of our climate control system, during the rougher weather of the year, when the two of us leave them inside the house.

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