Dog messing with the HVAC

When my wife and I adopted a pet a few months ago, my wife and I didn’t absolutely know what to expect… We were told that the dog we adopted was legitimately smart plus sneaky, which my wife and I saw as a wonderful thing because the dog was past puppyhood and didn’t need a whole lot of training from us. We have been passionate having our little cutie as the new addition to our family, however as of late her sneaky tricks have been getting the best of us. She’s made it a habit to try to save and stash away all of the extra treats that my wife and I feed her. It never occurred to us that we should follow her and figure out where she was keeping all the treats, until the other day when the heating plus cooling unit shut down in the middle of the night. We awoke to an odd screeching sound plus there was smoke coming out of the heating plus cooling unit; I went down to take a further look at it. I noticed our dog standing next to me looking legitimately ashamed, but do you know that look that dogs make when they know they did something that they shouldn’t have done? Yep, that was the exact look our girl had, but the Heating plus A/C heating plus cooling repair tech that later came out told us that there was dozens plus dozens of treats that had been dropped down inside of the heating plus cooling unit. Weeks of this had caused the heating plus cooling unit to have extreme tears inside of the inner laborings, rendering the entire unit useless. Thanks to our dog, we are thinking it’s probably best to switch over to radiant heated flooring!

HVAC technician