Office heating and air

When my company built a brand modern building downtown, I was super excited. I was told that I’d have my own office with a private lavatory, then since everything would be new, I figured everything would be perfect. The building is honestly attractive, with sleek lines and mostly glass exterior walls. It’s equipped with a state-of-the-art commercial HVAC system. There are tons of vents to ensure honestly evenly ran tests on indoor temperature, then unfortunately, there is no control device accessible to anyone in the building, but control over indoor temperature is left up to the corporate headquarters which is located on the other side of the country. The corporate management team has no plan what the weather is doing in our local area, and they don’t certainly care. They’ve set up the HVAC system in our building to activate according to the calendar. On a particular  date, the oil furnace starts up and operates until a specified time. The cooling system then takes over. There is no way for anyone in the building to turn the temperature up or down, switch from heating to cooling, or shut the system off. I imagine this is to promote greater energy efficiency, but it simply makes almost everyone unhappy, but we’ve already had sizzling and sunny conditions at the end of November. Because the oil furnace is blasting, my coworkers and I are then sweaty and annoyed. If the weather is unusually chilly in June, every one of us nearly freeze to death because the air conditioning system is supplying chilly air from all of the vents, however although there’s floor to ceiling windows in all of the offices, none of them open. There’s no way to get any fresh air.

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