Seeing the kids during a HVAC repair call

In my line of profession, I see a lot of children, however when parents call for a heating or air-conditioning repair, the kids are usually home! I’m not sure why that seems to be true, although I usually see small children more often than not, as a heating, ventilation & A/C professional, I do my best every single day to work in the worst situations, however occasionally those situations can be legitimately discouraging; Last weekend, I was working as the on-call specialist, every one of us don’t work every single weekend, but a heating, ventilation & A/C professional must be available at all times. We will work on any heating or air conditioning problem, anytime of morning or evening. Every one of us do charge extra for the emergency service, but we are the only heating, ventilation & A/C company in the entire state to offer twenty four hour services. Over this past weekend, I was sent to an emergency call, when someone had a problem with the furnace. It was almost midnight when the buyer called, and nearly 1 by the time I arrived, but the lady answered the door with a cute two-year-old on her hip. She pointed me in the direction of the furnace, and started yelling at 2 other youngsters. After a few hours, I had the furnace in pieces. I was scanning for the problem, when I glanced down and saw a more than two-year-old playing in my furnace parts. I did not see the buyer someplace, even though I could not continue the job. I strolled the more than two-year-old into the home office, where I found her Dad passed out on the couch. The other 2 youngsters were playing video games in the home office, and there was no other adult in the residence.

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