AC after a run

I get easily overheated in the summertime.  Especially because I’ve started on a new workout program.  I often run outside to stay in good shape. I find myself getting sweaty and overhead very easily.  My friends ask why I don’t head inside to the gym. I avoid the gym, because I prefer fresh air. I refuse to spend money to run on a treadmill, when I can run outside for free. It doesn’t make any sense to me.  I know that running in an air conditioned gym feels good. It’s more pleasant to be inside a temperature controlled climate. I’ve chosen to save money and take advantage of fresh air and exercise at the same time. After a lengthy run in the summer, it feels really good to return to my cool house.  To keep my house cool and comfortable, I have a central cooling system. Window air conditioner units are fine for cooling a single room, but I want to have the whole house feel comfortable. I like having a cool house to come home to. In the summer, after my runs, the air conditioner is a big help to me. It’s super important to have a central air conditioner that’s operating effectively and efficiently.  I make sure to drink a lot of water when I run. On a hot day, I then need to use the bathroom a lot. The central air conditioning system keep the bathroom cool. Every room is the perfect temperature. I have more energy and sleep better because of it.

central a/c