Checking the HVAC

For years my wife and I have been wanting to install a fireplace into our home.  Not only do we think it would make a good addition for the winter, but we like the idea of the romance that goes with the fireplace.  We were never able to afford to install a fireplace, but recently, I received a big bonus from my job. I knew then and there, that it was time to make the investment and install my fireplace.  I didn’t want one of those fake fireplace inserts, but I wanted a real brick fireplace. My problem was that I didn’t know who to talk to about the fireplace. I was told that all I had to do was to call the HVAC company and they could give me all the information I needed.  I was truly surprised when the HVAC technician showed up at the house. He not only gave me information, but he also gave us ideas for the fireplace. He showed us different designs and different material. We wanted something beautiful and yet something that would ;supply us with heat.  We love this big brick design that had a huge hearth and I could even have a pizza oven installed. It was absolutely stunning and everything we wanted. They were able to use the chimney that was already in the house, which made it so much easier. Now, when the nights are cold, we can cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy the warmth and romance that goes with the fireplace.   There isn’t anything nicer to keep a marriage sparking.

HVAC upgrade