Getting an air purification system

My next door neighbor has been having some problems with his indoor air quality lately.  I went over to see if I could help find out where the problem was. The indoor air quality has been so bad that her son’s allergies have been flaring up quite badly.  We knew that there had to be some immediate actions taken to rectify the problem. We were both doing some research online to see if we could find out any way to fix the air quality issues, on our own.  We both came up with the same information and it was about a whole home air purification system. The air purification system was set up so it could be installed directly into the heating and air conditioning system.  It ran when the heating and air conditioning ran and it was controlled with the thermostat. I had never heard of an air purification system that could be installed directly into the HVAC system and I thought it was a great idea.  Apparently it was a new concept since neither of us had ever heard of it. In one article, it made it sound like the air purification system was the latest and greatest of HVAC technology. The only problem we have with the air purification system is that it is very expensive to install.  My neighbor is actually looking into getting a bank loan so he can afford to have the air purification system installed. If it comes down to it, I may be willing to help him out a bit. If it weren’t for the cost, I would also be interested in putting the air purification system into my HVAC system.

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