glad the winter weather is good

For some people, Winter is this lovely time of the year. The air is nice and cold, snow is on the ground – it’s consistently this appealing image to see. When I made the decision to go visit one of my friends who lives up North, I was pretty psyched up! I was going to be seeing snow for the first time! So in the vehicle I went up the highway, cruising along as I turned the car’s heating system on to compensate for the dropping temperatures. Once I finally made it to our friends house, I knew that something wasn’t right inside his home! His wife and himself both were wearing sweaters and mittens in the house, and nobody normally does that – not for fun! Apparently, it turned out that the gas furnace had stopped working only a day earlier. On my way there they heard noises coming from the basement, where the oil furnace was housed. My buddy couldn’t figure out the problem, so we called up this Heating and Air Conditioning service provider to come make whatever repairs were necessary. It’s no joke when the heating system goes down in the Winter here! 20 degree days are warm compared to what you see here! The house begins to cool down fast, and you suppose it, pipes are getting frozen too! The Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman showed up and went straight to the basement after asking where the problem was. As he was down there for a good amount of time, he returned to tell us all that the furnace had run out of fuel and the pilot lot got shut off as a result. That’s all there was to it!