Want the central a/c out

The only reason I bought my home was because it was dirt cheap.  It had a broken down heating and air conditioning system. The HVAC system is central air and heat.  We live in the most northern part of our country. I can’t understand why anyone would install air conditioning.  We need the heat almost nine months a year. It seems you would be happy to finally get some warmer days when you didn’t need to use the furnace.  You barely have time to get the furnace serviced before it is in use again. The central heating and air conditioning is just a pain in the neck. Even if it wasn’t broken, I would have had it replace.  I would have had to have the ductwork sealed and mended. The ductwork also needed to be cleaned and sanitized. I was told that the ductwork is also very fragile, so it had to be cleaned and sanitized every year.  I thought this was ridiculous and a big waste of money. They told me that if I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a central HVAC system, I could always go with a boiler system or a heat pump. Since I would need supplemental heating for the heat pump and I didn’t need the air conditioning, that came with the heat pump, I would be better off to take the boiler system.  She told me how efficient it was and how it was much less work to keep it running. I was hooked when she said I could also have radiant heated flooring with the boiler system.

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