Ac shutting off last month

Just last month, the a/c shut off unexpectedly, I saw that the a/c seemed to trip the breaker, my wife was saying that we should have called for HVAC system maintenance before the summer, despite the fact that I figured I could solve this issue. I was checking everything out and after that I realized that I had forgotten to change the air filter! So I checked the air filter, and sure enough, it was totally obstructed up ad dirty! So I updated the seasoned air filter with a fresh one, and when I reset the breaker and turned the a/c back on, we really didn’t experience any concerns with the a/c system not working. I had the thermostat set at seventy degrees which I felt was just right. I figured that because the air filter was so messed up, it was actually causing the fan motor to stress too hard, and that has actually why the breaker was tripped. It didn’t seem to be anything too bad. I knew that I was going to have to call for HVAC system maintenance soon enough, despite the fact that I figured it could wait for at least another month. I figure there’s no need to run to the HVAC company for every little problem, or you’ll be paying an arm and a leg to take care of everything. I do feel it’s important to get your HVAC system tune-ups but through the professionals, especially before the winter season. There is no way I would head into the winter without a standard tune-up for the gas furnace.

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