Outside air conditioning component

Lately, my wife pointed out that the air quality in our home seemed to be poor. I am not very attentive and don’t notice small details like that. To me, air is air, or at least I thought. However, she was insisting on finding the root of the problem. After looking things up online, cleaning and dusting every surface, and venting with friends, my wife finally called a heating and cooling company to ask their thoughts. They asked if there was an outdoor component to the heating and cooling unit that might need to be cleaned. Sure enough, we had a component that coordinated with our heating and cooling system just outside of the garage. Lucky for me, my wife passed the job onto me. She asked me to clean the outside component because she didn’t want to pay for the HVAC service if it was something we could do on our own. I got some cleaning supplies together and put on some old clothes and made my way into the yard. Sure enough, the component was filthy. There was mud caked all over the outside surfaces. Debris built up inside any place that was visible to the outdoors. I pulled out everything from leaves to sticks. It took me a solid two hours to get the whole unit clean. I sprayed it down with the house, scrubbed it by hand, and used the broom to sweep things around and underneath it. Sure enough, my wife noticed an immediate difference in air quality. Even I couldn’t deny that the house just felt fresher and cleaner. Now I know, I will have to keep an eye on this outdoor component. In order to keep high air quality, I will have to make sure that it’s clean!

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