Can’t sell my house with my old heater in it

I am in the process of being a full time southern resident. I have a house in the north that I am hoping to sell. I already have my southern home bought, set up and ready to roll. I have the electric, plumbing and HVAC all set to go. The northern home is the only issue. The main reason the house is not selling is that my furnace system is over 12 years old. Nobody wants to invest in a house that has poor heating. The people who bought my house would need to replace the furnace after a year, maybe two if they are lucky. My real estate agent recommended that I buy a new heating system for the house. She said the house would sell better and quicker with a new heater. I am sure someone would like a brand new heating device in the home. I am not going to buy one for them. I just bought both heating and air conditioning for my southern home. I don’t want to buy a heater device for a home that I won’t live in. What kind of heater would I even buy? I would definitely want to skimp and buy a too small heater for the house. Nobody would want a home with poor heating. I feel it is better to have a good heater, but an older one instead. I am hopeful there is some family that is willing to take my house and take a gamble on the heating equipment. Who knows, it could live another 5 years.

heater worker