I used my daughter’s allergies as an excuse to invest into central air conditioning –

I went without central air conditioning for a very long time. I live in an area with very long and severe winter weather, and the heating system is a priority. Because of the short summer season, air conditioning isn’t necessary. Most people get by with portable cooling units, open windows and box fans. However, the outside temperature often climbs into the high nineties, and the humidity is ungodly. My house was overheated, sticky and horribly uncomfortable. I hated leaving the windows open because of the security risk. Plus, I didn’t like providing access to bugs, pollen, dust, exhaust fumes and noise. I’d often wake up in the middle of the night because of a barking dog or traffic sounds. I was continuously vacuuming, dusting and battling mold and mildew. When my daughter started having issues with allergies, I used this as my excuse to invest in central cooling. Because I already have a forced air furnace in place, I was able to use the existing ductwork and air handler. I also took advantage of a manufacturer’s rebate to further trim down the installation cost. I really didn’t care how much it cost because I so badly wanted a whole-home cooling system. I now keep the windows closed, adjust the thermostat and enjoy the perfect temperature. The outside heat and humidity make no difference to indoor comfort. The system is quite energy efficient, runs quietly and provides exceptional air filtration. I keep the windows shut and securely locked, and my home remains much cleaner. I start up the central air conditioner at the first sign of spring and keep it running until the very end of fall.

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