Zone control at work-grouped by temperature preferences

I work in a cubicle like setting. A lot of people are not cut out for the cubicle life. I have to say, I like having my own little space. I have decorated it, hid snacks in my drawers and I have a playlist on my computer. The work day could be so much worse. What is nice is that the office has upgraded to a HVAC zone control system. We used to have central heating and air. This meant the whole office had to agree on one centralized temperature. Nobody was happy in that situation. The older women going through menopause would alter the thermostat for heavy AC. The younger guys at the company would change the setting one hour later to heating. It was bad for the equipment and creating bad vibes in the office. Zone control is having a ductless mini split in certain rooms of the office. Each room gets their own equipment and thermostat. How the office broke us up is in groups of four and by temperature preferences. We had to take a survey all about temperature control. How much AC in the summer and how much heating in the winter? Would you rather be too hot or too cold? We then were put in a group of people that have similar temperature needs. What is neat is my group of four is all from different departments. I got to make new friends and I am finally the right temperature at work. Zone control is saving the office money too since none of the groups hardly touch the thermostat anymore.

zone control