It was not easy

Having your heating system break down right in the middle of 1 of the biggest freezing fronts of the year is not a fun thing! I had this happen to myself and others this past winter; I have 1 of those outdated boilers for a heater.

It’s an electric boiler system, and those types of boiler systems are not so usual these afternoons, so you can imagine how awful I was freaking out when the electric boiler system broke down on me! I figured I would be able to call our local heating plus a/c business to have a certified heating plus a/c workman come out to maintenance the electric boiler, then however, the concern when I called the heating plus cooling business was, that they had no Heating plus A/C specialist available instantly! At this point, I turned to the internet to search for other heating plus a/c dealers in our local area, however specifically, I was looking for a heating plus a/c business that mentioned that they deal in electric boilers, much to our surprise, I could not find any! I clicked several connects, several websites plus no matter where I was looking, I was not finding any Heating plus A/C dealers that mentioned they deal in electric boilers! I was getting upset, so I just called the first heating plus cooling business that I had not already called.

I ended up getting lucky plus they had a heating plus a/c specialist available that afternoon! Also, they told myself and others that all Heating plus A/C dealers maintenance electric boilers. If I had known that, I would not have had such a tough time getting help.
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