It Was Hard To Get Help When My Heater Broke Down Last Winter

Having your heating system break down right in the middle of one of the biggest cold fronts of the year is not a fun thing! I had this happen to me this past winter.

  • I have one of those old boilers for a heater.

It’s an electric boiler system. Those types of boiler systems are not so common these days, so you can imagine how bad I was freaking out when the electric boiler system broke down on me! I figured I would be able to call my local heating and air conditioning business to have a certified heating and air conditioning workman come out to fix the electric boiler. However, the problem when I called the heating and cooling business was, that they had no HVAC specialist available right away! At this point, I turned to the internet to search for other heating and air conditioning businesses in my local area. Specifically, I was looking for a heating and air conditioning business that mentioned that they deal in electric boilers. Much to my surprise, I could not find any! I clicked many links, many websites and no matter where I was looking, I was not finding any HVAC businesses that mentioned they deal in electric boilers! I was getting worried, so I just called the first heating and cooling business that I had not already called. I ended up getting lucky and they had a heating and air conditioning specialist available that day! Also, they told me that all HVAC businesses fix electric boilers. If I had known that, I would not have had such a hard time getting help.