No air conditioning at hair salon makes for unpleasant experience

About every eight weeks, I make an appointment at a local salon to have my hair colored and trimmed. The process is rather expensive and time-consuming. I usually bring a book along and try to relax. The salon is normally kept at a comfortable temperature, and they play soothing music and burn scented candles. My last appointment was in the middle of July, when the outside temperature was eighty-eight degrees. I ran the air conditioner in the car at full blast during the drive. After the short walk from the car to the salon, I was already damp with sweat and eager to get inside. The moment I stepped through the door, I knew there was a problem. The salon was terribly overheated and sticky feeling. When I asked about this, my stylist told me that the air conditioner had quit that morning. They had already called an HVAC professional for repair. Unfortunately the contractor needed to order several parts which would not arrive until the following day The salon set up about a half dozen box fans which were simply blowing the hot air around. These fans were not good for air quality, and I kept sneezing. Without air conditioning, the experience was not pleasant. As I sat under the dryer, sweat was dripping down my face. I couldn’t wait to be done and escape that hot and clammy environment. I told the stylist not to bother drying my air. I was in too big of a hurry to get back home, lower the thermostat and cool off.



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