Still running the furnace at the end of April and not happy about it

This past year, the winter weather arrived very early.

By the middle of September, I was already running the furnace.

We had several inches of snow on the ground for Halloween. At Christmas, the outside temperature was down to fifteen below zero. Over the last seven months, I’ve spent a fortune on heating. The furnace has carried a huge workload and survived a tremendous amount of wear and tear. I continually worry about malfunction and dread opening the month’s natural gas bill. I’ve made sure to be good about cleaning the air filter and keep the thermostat set as low as possible. It has been the worst winter in my memory, and I’ve been looking forward to spring. I’d really like to shutdown the furnace, open some windows and welcome in fresh air. I’d like to avoid the huge energy costs for a little while. I’m hoping for a break between depending on the furnace and starting up the air conditioner. While we’ve had a couple of nice days, the weather is still awful. We had six inches of snow on Easter. It is now the last week of April, and there’s snow and temperatures in the thirties in the forecast. The tulips are budded and the robins have arrived, but the weather refuses to warm up. I am so tired of keeping the house sealed up tight and running the furnace. The air in the house is stale and dusty. Cleaning doesn’t seem to improve the indoor air quality. It seems as if we aren’t going to have a spring season. I expect to turn off the furnace and start the air conditioner the next day.

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