Counting money

I work very hard for the money that I make.

I don’t normally have time off, but sometimes when I do I like to sit in my office and count my money.

I don’t really like to keep my money in a bank because I don’t trust banks, so I have a safe that I keep all my money in. I love to sit in my office and count all my money and then go and count all my assets. Last week, while I was counting money in my office I noticed that it was starting to get really warm. I went over to the thermostat and saw the the temperature in the house and increased. I turned the thermostat back down, but I didn’t have any luck trying to get the house to cool down. I had to call a local HVAC company to come out and look at my HVAC system so they could help me decide what was wrong. After looking at my HVAC system, the HVAC tech said that my thermostat was completely shot and I would have to have a new one installed in order to get the HVAC system up and working again. I was able to pay the HVAC tech in cash because that is all I had. Since, I was paying in cash the HVAC worker was able to give me a really great deal on the services and installing the new thermostat. This is another reason why I like to keep my money in the house and not a bank.
Ductless mini split