HVAC salesman

There is nothing that bothers me more than a pushy salesperson. They will come out of nowhere and try to sell you anything under the sun. I recently moved away from my old neighborhood because I thought there were too many people going door to door trying to sell things. My new neighborhood has strict rules about who is allowed in and salespeople are on the do not enter list. I have loved the peace and quiet in my new area. However, our new neighbor works for a local HVAC company and he is the top salesperson in the state. When I found out he worked in HVAC sales, I was a little nervous that he was going to try and start selling new HVAC equipment to me. I just bought my house so the last thing that I need is a new HVAC system. I really didn’t want to be rude to a new neighbor but I didn’t want to have to deal with a pushy salesperson either. However, after speaking with him I didn’t think it was going to be an issue. He was just a nice guy and didn’t bring up working for the HVAC company one time during our conversation. I really hope this doesn’t change in the future because I really like my new house and I don’t want to have to move again! However, if he starts to get pushy I will think about reporting him to the homeowner’s association as fast as I can.

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