I had to look in on the neighbor

I adore our neighbor who lives to the right of us. He is a sweet old man, but he doesn’t get out of the house very often. He hates needing to carry his oxygen everywhere he goes, but he needs to use it all the time. I go over to make sure he is eating properly. I clean his house for him and I take him special treats. A couple weeks ago, I knocked on his door and he didn’t answer. I noticed the door was slightly ajar, so I walked right on in. The house was so hot that I about walked right back out. He came walking in the door and he introduced me to his daughter, whom I didn’t even know existed. She seemed really nice when we stood there talking, but I was a bit worried that she wasn’t saying anything about the heat. I walked over and turned down the thermostat and Mr. Roy asked me what I was doing. He told me that he had turned the thermostat up for his daughter. She lives in the south and he didn’t think she would be used to the cool air of the north. I smiled and agreed to leave the AC up to eighty if he was okay. As I was walking out, his daughter came out and said she wanted to tell me goodbye. She asked me why her dad kept the house so warm. I explained to her that it was because he wasn’t sure she could handle the cooler weather. She began to laugh as she walked back into the house. I heard Mr. Roy laugh as he yelled thank you to me.

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