Overhauling our house.

He loved the woodwork and the wood that was in the house.

When I moved into my home, I knew it needed a lot of modernizing, but I had no ideas and no money to be able to do what I needed to do. I talked to my brother and he didn’t have the time to help me, so I ended up keeping everything as is, for the next five years. I was working on a project one afternoon, and I had a new customer walk into my office. He wanted to know if I could help him with some advertising. I laughed when he asked because that was what I did. I did personal advertisement for small businesses. We talked about his business for a while and I asked him what he wanted us to achieve. He told me that he just wanted customers for his business. I swore he was flirting with me. He told me he was general construction and he specialized in designing HVAC system. I was telling him about my home and how much work it needed done, and he offered to come by and give me an estimate of the work that needed done. That night, I made dinner for him and we went through my entire home. He loved the woodwork and the wood that was in the house. He loved the small alcove and the window seat in my bedroom. He also thought the way the HVAC was set up, was perfect, but I needed to have a new AC unit. It took him nearly a year to get all of the work done and then he installed the new HVAC unit. One week later, we had our wedding in the backyard of our home.



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