Password for HVAC

I have two teenage boys and they are starting to drive me crazy lately.

Between all the football practice, homework and cooking I am going to have a mental breakdown soon if I am not careful.

Since my boys are now in their teens they are really starting to act like spoiled brats and don’t listen to my rules anymore. One rule that we have always had in our house is to not touch the thermostat. My husband has it programmed and if you mess with the temperature it will throw off the programming. I have told the boys to not touch the thermostat for as long as I can remember. However, for the past couple of months they have not been listening to this rule and it is driving me crazy. Every day when I get home from work the HVAC system is a different temperature. Sometimes it is freezing cold and other times it is burning up. I have asked them countless times to stop messing with the HVAC system. I am going to start grounding them if they don’t listen to me. I might even call up the local HVAC company to see if there is a way to have the thermostat password protected so they couldn’t mess with it even if they wanted to. I am not sure if having your thermostat password protect is even an option, but I am definitely going to find out if it is!