There is nothing better than a good side of beets

My family is really into grilling and it doesn’t matter what time of year it is.

Even when the snow is flying, you can find them outside, gathered around the grill and smoking a slab of ribs or a couple of chickens.

We work hard all week and when we come home on the weekend, we just want to relax. My husband and I started our own HVAC company several years ago. I met him when he told me that there was no way I could be a good HVAC tech. He thought that it was not a job for a girl. He soon bit his tongue for his words when he found out I was not just a good technician, but I was the HVAC technician that was going to teach his recertification class. You could have dropped him with a feather. He stood there looking at me, but it didn’t take long before he smiled and accepted me. I wished the other men had been so lenient and accepting of my position in the HVAC class. After his graduation, he asked me out on a date. As they say, the rest was history. Four kids and fifteen years later, we have had our own HVAC company for ten years now. My husband brought in a big pack of ribs for the grill when our daughter walked in. She about turned green and I thought she was sick. She had decided she wanted to be vegan and she thought the ribs were an aberration. She demanded we find her some food that did not come from the murder of an innocent animal. My husband smiled and asked her if she was up for a side of beets.
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